KFC is running out of chicken AGAIN – as bosses confirm some menu items aren’t available

The news isn't finger-licking good for customers!
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  • KFC has confirmed that it has another shortage of chicken as it reveals some menu items aren't available.

    KFC is experiencing a chicken shortage after bosses confirmed that some menu items were not available to order in its restaurants.

    The Kentucky Fried Chicken eatery has warned its customers that they face “weeks of disruption” to its menu after running out of chicken supplies.

    Consumers might have to dash to Pizza Hut for the Popcorn chicken pizza to get their KFC fix or stock up on Walkers KFC flavour crisps.

    It is the second time the restaurant has struggled with supplies, in 2018 it was forced to close more than 600 branches across the UK until supplies had resumed.

    And it’s not the only fast-food chain to suffer chicken shortages as Nando’s has been forced to close some of its branches due to chicken supply shortage.

    It issued a statement advising customers that things might be a little different in store over the coming weeks.

    It read, ‘Just a heads up that across our country, there’s been some disruption over the last few weeks – so things may be a little different when you next visit us.

    ‘You might find some items aren’t available or our packaging might look a little different to normal.

    ‘We know it’s not ideal, but we’re working hard to keep things running smoothly.’

    While KFC hasn’t specified which food items are out of stock, customers have taken to Twitter to vent their frustrations with many complaints that mini fillets, gravy, BBQ and sweet chilli bites and rice boxes are out of stock.

    It comes after McDonald’s announced its shortage of Chicken Selects.

    One fan wrote, ‘I drove to 3 different KFC just to try this potpie for them all to be sold out or not available. I’m annoyed’

    Another unhappy customer wrote, ‘Disappointed! Popped into KFC Horsfprth to celebrate my son’s exam results. Ordered his meal and a rice box with extra zinger for myself, no rice so I asked for a boneless meal for one instead. Got 4 chicken strips and some fries. Last I remember that is NOT the meal!’

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    And a third fan warned, ‘As a country I don’t think we can handle another kfc chicken shortage.’

    The shortage is affecting both the restaurants and the takeaway deliveries.

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