Lidl has slashed the price of their vegetable bags to only 19p for Christmas

lidl christmas vegetable offer
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Christmas time always comes with a lot of expense.

You obviously have to pay for presents for all of your friends and family, all of the food and drink for the big day, the unforeseen social outings in the run up to 25th December and maybe even a new outfit or two.

So we look to anywhere we can to save a few pounds when possible.

Well, always on hand with a genius money-saving product or discount, budget supermarket Lidl has done it again with their new offer.

The high-street grocer has launched a discount on all of their Christmas vegetables to help you stay on budget during the festive season – and they come in at a jaw-droppingly low price.

For only 19p you can get your hands on full-sized bags of the discount supermarket’s vegetables, including carrots (opens in new tab), parsnips (opens in new tab), Brussels sprouts (opens in new tab) and mini roast potatoes. So basically everything you might need for your Christmas dinner (opens in new tab).

lidl christmas vegetable offer

Credit: Lidl

For the shockingly low price you can get a 1kg bag of the retailer’s Oaklands British Carrots, 500g each of Oaklands British Parsnips and Oaklands British Brussels Sprouts and a whopping 1.5kg bag of Oaklands British Mini Roasts.

lidl christmas vegetable offer

Credit: Lidl

The budget store has also released this year’s prices for their turkey, which come in at a super low price.

For only £3.95 per kg you can get a Birchwood Farm Turkey for your Christmas dinner.

So you can basically get your whole roast dinner for less than a price of a bottle of festive champers (opens in new tab). Winning.

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Or if you want to splash out a little with your meat this year and treat yourself to a luxury turkey, Lidl’s Deluxe Silver Slate Turkey is selling at £8.99 per kg.

Head down to store to take advantage of the mammoth offer that’s available already and on until 26th December.

With these savings you might even have a little leftover for the Boxing Day sales.