M&S has launched a pink gin and tonic Easter egg

M&S sign on their store in Oxford Street
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M&S has added to its already impressive Easter collection with a pink gin and tonic chocolate Easter egg.

Easter 2021 (opens in new tab) is fast approaching and every supermarket is showing off their impressive chocolatey treats, but Marks and Spencer have been leading the pack with their delicious range of Easter eggs you can buy online (opens in new tab) and in-store.

This time of year is for traditional Easter foods (opens in new tab), indulgent Easter desserts (opens in new tab), and everything chocolate, but M&S has created a mature egg, combining the traditional chocolate and boozy treat.

M&S has already launched a rather naughty emoji shaped Easter egg and even a chocolate Harry Potter Hedwig owl (opens in new tab).

Now there's a treat in store for gin lovers, with M&S bringing us the Gin and Ton-egg.

Since finding out gin can be good for our health (opens in new tab), we're all for packing a gin flavoured punch to our Easter choc.

M&S announced the release of the boozy egg in an Instagram post.

'Say hello to our GIN AND TON-EGG! A thick gin-flavoured milk chocolate egg filled with boozy pink gin buttons. Gin-credible! Tag someone who would love this,' a caption beside a snapshot of the sweet treat said.

The Gin and Ton-egg is available in-store and will be available online through Ocado orders.

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Unlike some of their other more elaborate eggs, and despite the luxurious look, the egg will set you back just £5.  The perfect little gift for a loved one or for yourself.

Fans are delighted at the thought of the pink gin egg, one said, ‘I need one of these in my life 😍😍’ 

Another wrote, 'This could be a good place to start on Easter Sunday 🥂🤣.’

'Best of both worlds 😋’ added another gin and chocolate enthusiast.

Others have been slightly divided by the alcohol flavoured egg, with some customers insisting that gin and chocolate do not belong together under any circumstances.

One critic said, ‘Not sure about this... we love gin & chocolate but together will it work..... 🤷🏻 ♀️’

Another agreed, penning, 'Chocolate doesn’t belong with alcohol.’

Definitely an egg worth a try, the Instagram post already has 11,000 likes and we’re sure it will be a sell-out amongst the gin lovers!