The "groundbreaking" TikTok hack that will make more room in your air fryer

Use your air fryer trays to make extra space for cooking with this viral TikTok hack.

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One TikTok user has revealed how he cleverly uses the air fryer tray to make maximum room for cooking. 

Air fryers are everyone's favourite kitchen gadget at the moment, as many of invest in the appliance - alongside air fryer cookbooks that explain what you can cook in an air fryer, and what not to cook in an air fryer too. 

Their popularity is partly down to the ongoing cost of living crisis, as air fryers don't cost much to run and cook food quicker than an oven. And one TikTok star has found a way to make these popular kitchen appliances even more efficient, by using his air fryer's crisper tray.

Fitness trainer Matt Jeffreys said in the video he posted on TikTok that he had "discovered the greatest air fryer hack of all time" when using his air fryer to cook chicken, and promised that his trick will "change your life".

Matt demonstrated how he had taken out the crisper tray and put chicken underneath it, before replacing the tray and putting another portion of chicken on top. He said, "It’s like a double-decker bus!"


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TikTok users were quick to praise the hack, though one commenter warned: "That rack is to allow air to circulate underneath the food you are cooking and to allow excess fat to drip underneath for healthier cooking." Another said: "In the instructions on mine, it says do not put anything under the drip tray directly onto the surface."

If you fancy trying Matt's hack, it's important to check the instructions for your air fryer. Some air fryers are safe to use without the cripser plate, depending on the recipe - such as the Ninja Air Fryer MAX AF160UK (we've voted this one the best air fryers on the market!) which you can use to bake and roast meals as well as air fry.

Ninja Air Fryer MAX AF160 - RRP £169.99 | Ninja

Ninja Air Fryer MAX AF160 - RRP £169.99 | Ninja

At 5.2L capacity, there's enough room in this gadget to feed a large family, plus there are six different cooking methods to choose from too; air fry, max crisp, bake, roast, dehydrate, and reheat, so you can make a range of meals.

Our Features Writer, Ellie Hutchings, recently put the Ninja Air Fryer Max to the test. She said: "You can cook whole meals for several people using this air fryer - and you can even bake desserts in it too. The range of cooking modes means there are pretty much limitless options in terms of what recipes you can try, so I can see myself using the Ninja air fryer really regularly."

Read our full review of the Ninja Air Fryer MAX AF160UK here

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