How to line a square cake tin

Watch how to line a square cake tin with this easy step-by-step guide. Using baking parchment and some butter you can have your cake tin lined in a matter of minutes. This technique is really handy to know, especially if you’re an avid baker and would rather spend time making and decorating your cake than lining the tin. Watch how easy it is to line your square cake tin with this simple video guide.

How do you line a square cake tin? Getting this right can be tricky, but it's such an important part of creating the perfect bake. Here Sue McMahon, Woman's Weekly cookery editor, and star baker tell you her easy method for lining a square cake tin. See also, how to line a round cake tin.

1. Grab some non-stick baking parchment, fold the paper in half, rest the tin on top, and draw around it with a pencil.

2. Use scissors to cut out the circle just inside the line. Put to one side.

3. For the sides of the tin, lay the tin on its side and wrap the baking parchment around it so it's fully covered. Then cut off that section of parchment.

4. Fold the paper in half lengthways and then almost in half again, so that the height of the paper is just slightly higher than the height of the tin.

5. Fold the paper so that it is the length of the tin, make a mark with your nail, and repeat three more times so that all four sides of the tin have been measured and four sharp corners have been made.

6. Cut out a V shape on each fold so that the paper will fit in the tin.

7. Place the sidelining into the tin and press down on the cut folds, then place the bottom parchment circle on the base of the tin.