10 ways to make Brussels sprouts actually taste nice

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  • Do your family argue over Brussels sprouts at Christmas? Some people love them, some hate them - here are 10 ways to ensure everyone eats those little green sprouts

    Brussel sprout recipes really can make Brussel sprouts taste better, but cooking Brussel sprouts and Brussels sprouts recipes can be a bit of a mine field. Finding one that will keep the whole family happy isn’t always an easy task, but our round-up of delicious sprout dishes will give you every opportunity to get even the harshest Brussels sprout critics tucking in.

    With from traditional combinations like sprouts with bacon or chestnuts to slightly more unusual options like ginger and honey, our Brussels sprouts recipes will give you food for thought.

    So, if you want to give your sprouts a bit of a lift this year, take a look at these Brussels sprouts recipes and take your pick. You’ll never have to watch the dish being politely passed up and down the table only to arrive back in your hands untouched again, or have to scrape any politely-poked-at Brussels sprouts in the bin at the end of the meal.

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