How to make reindeer gingerbread and brownies

These are so simple to make but look really fab. Have a go with the kids this holiday and you might just be very popular...

Reindeer gingerbread and brownies

Learn how to make reindeer gingerbread by using a classic gingerbread man cutting and then turning the biscuit upside down - it's that easy!

Where would Santa be without his trusty reindeers? The kids are just going to love helping you create these reindeer gingerbread and brownie treats which are absolutely perfect for Christmas (opens in new tab) parties or as quirky food gifts.

These nifty Christmas hacks turn two baking favourites; brownies and gingerbread men, into festive little reindeers in just a few simple steps. They really are as easy as they look!

It doesn't take much to make these Christmas treats. All you need is your bakes, white, black and red fondant, some pretzels, writing icing - and that's about it.

Reindeer gingerbread

Did you know that the classic gingerbread man shape can be flipped upside down and turned into a reindeer? Turn our easy gingerbread recipe (opens in new tab) into festive reindeers with a steady hand and some fondant.

Once your gingerbread men are baked and cooled, flip them upside down and add the fondant red nose, white and black fondant eyes and get creative with writing icing to create the ears and antlers. The kids will be amazed!

It really is as easy as it seems to create these two festive favourites in a matter of minutes. And if you want to save even more time, you could opt for ready-made gingerbread men or brownies, or you could use packet mix. We won't tell if you don't!

These reindeer gingerbread cookies would look perfect sitting on the icing lawn outside of your homemade gingerbread house! Follow our simple recipe for the ultimate festive, edible decoration.

Reindeer brownies

Turn our most popular brownie recipe (opens in new tab) into cute, triangular reindeers. Just cut your cooled tray bake into triangles instead of the usual squares or rectangles and then get decorating!

Roll up some red fondant to make the reindeers' noses and attach with a dab of writing icing or icing sugar mixed with water. Roll out two small balls of white fondant and then two smaller balls of black fondant and attach in the same way to make the eyes.

Don't forget the antlers, which are made using pretzels. Just press carefully into the top of your reindeer's 'head' and ta-dah! You've made reindeer brownies.


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