11 sticky and sweet things you didn't know you could do with marmalade

Marmalade lovers, this one's for you! Discover things you didn't know you could make with marmalade. With a glut of oranges in supermarkets and in our fruit bowls, it’s time to put them to good use and we know exactly how – turn them into marmalade and try new ways to use it...

Marmalade lovers, this one's for you!

Discover things you didn't know you could make with marmalade. With a glut of oranges in supermarkets and in our fruit bowls, it's time to put them to good use.

From marmalade desserts to marmalade sauces, you'll be spoilt for choice. Just mind those sticky fingers!

Happy scrolling AND eating!

1. Marmalade and cheese pitta toastie

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We think Paddington Bear would balk at this modern take on his beloved marmalade sandwich, but we're rather intrigued!

2. Marmalade brownies

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So much gooeyness - we can barely contain ourselves. And those candied orange slices are the perfect finishing touch.

3. Broccoli with a marmalade glaze


Bored of the same old greens? Never fear, marmalade to the rescue! Toss your warm veg in marmalade before seasoning and it'll give them a tangy, sweet kick that works wonders, we promise.

Get the recipe: Broccoli with marmalade glaze

4. Hot chocolate and marmalade fondant

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Have your very own Masterchef moment as you get to grips with this tricky dessert. Expect a nervous wait to see if that centre is oozing!

5. Marmalade gin

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2018 is all about weird and wacky gin infusions, and we think this delicious flavour tops the lot. Just add your favourite tonic!

6. Marmalade soufflé


A marmalade soufflé, we hear you say? Don't knock it until you've tried it! This delicious soufflé will impress all those who ever doubted your dessert-making skills.

Get the recipe: Marmalade souffle

7. Citrus roasted chicken tray bake with marmalade marinade


Roast your chicken in a sticky sweet marmalade based marinade and your taste buds will be dancing the night away. The tender meat of chicken and the tangy marmalade really do go hand in hand.

Get the recipe: Citrus roasted chicken bake

8. Marmalade cupcakes

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Who doesn't love a boozy dessert? We're soo ready to sink our teeth into these frost-laden cupcakes!

9. Marmalade glazed gammon


Ditch the honey glazed ham for this marmalade-glazed version instead. It'll give it a crisp, golden coating and will leave your meat tender and sticky (in a good way!).

Get the recipe: Marmalade glazed gammon

10. Sticky Jaffa loaf


We don't really feel like we need words to explain why we love marmalade so, when this ridiculously naughty sticky sweet soft sticky (did we say sticky?) Jaffa loaf says it all...

Get the recipe: Sticky Jaffa loaf cake

11. Marmalade sauce

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Why spread marmalade onto your toast when you can drizzly it over your favourite cuts of meat in the form of a warming sauce?

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