This is the most expensive kids' Halloween costume on Amazon right now - and I'm gobsmacked

But is the price tag all it seems?

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With Halloween just around the corner, some families will be scrambling to find the perfect Halloween costume for their kids, with Amazon a popular go-to thanks to its speedy delivery and wide choice for adults and children alike. 

Whether you're narrowing down the Halloween party ideas and planning a load of Halloween crafts with the kids, or wondering why we even celebrate Halloween in the UK, many parents will find it hard to completely escape the spookiness this October 31. 

But for parents who live for scary season, I've found something scarier than all of the horror movies, deranged clowns, and masked stalkers combined - the price tag of the most expensive kids' Halloween costume on Amazon. 

How much is the most expensive kids' Halloween costume on Amazon right now?

The most expensive kids' Halloween costume on Amazon has a price tag of a whopping £2,599, not including the hefty £14 delivery charge that will be tacked on top for anyone wanting to order it. And what's the costume, I hear you ask. Is it made of gold, featuring state-of-the-art mechanics, or handstitched from the softest threads known to humankind? Sadly not. It's an Elsa costume, based on the Disney hit Frozen 2.

Even though the costume promises 'excellent quality and exquisite appearance', and comes with additional accessories including a crown, magic wand, necklace, ring, earrings, and gloves, we're sorry to say the costume does not contain real jewels or real magic in order to justify the price tag. 

Princess Elsa Long Sleeve Costume and Accessories from Amazon - £2,599

Princess Elsa Long Sleeve Costume and Accessories from Amazon - £2,599

If you have a cool £2.6k to drop on a Halloween costume, then fans of Frozen will love this long sleeved Elsa gown. It also comes complete with jewels (of the plastic kind), gloves, and a magic wand.

Here's hoping it's just a price tag typo, and it's actually meant to retail for £25.99. Judging from some of the other Elsa costumes available on Amazon, this is a likely scenario.

Has anyone bought the most expensive kids' Halloween costume on Amazon?

While we don't know exactly how many people have bought the Elsa costume, it does have about 146 five-star reviews from around the world praising its quality and sharing how much little ones loved it. 

But it's not clear how much any of these reviewers paid, as Amazon's prices can vary between regions and change constantly based on a whole host of factors including how much other retailers are selling similar products for and how popular the item is. 

There is a glimmer of good news, however. If you choose to add the costume to your basket, and it doesn't end up being right, you can return it for free. Well, that's something we suppose. 

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