You probably already have the one item you need to save 80% on ice lollies this summer

Instagram mum shares genius hack to enjoy ice lollies while out and about, but without paying sky-high prices

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Getting out with the kids over the summer holidays can be an expensive task. In fact, according to recent research, parents are paying an extra £1,000 per week when the kids are out of school. 

While you might have found cheap things to do with kids, or ways to get money off at tourist attractions, adventures out and about usually mean you'll have hungry kids on your hands at some point. Knowing where kids eat free can be really useful, or what you need to say in Morrisons Cafe to get two free crumpets with butter and jam, but when the sun comes out, sometimes only an ice cream or lolly will do. 

Some parents might remember the heady days when a 99 (without the Flake) actually cost 99p, but sadly, you can normally expect to pay at least double if not quadruple that for an ice cream today. 

But one mum, known for sharing family-friendly life hacks on Instagram, has shared a genius hack that means you don't have to forgo the treat and you can save some money too.

Majormumhacks money-saving ice lolly hack

Casey Major-Bunce, aka @majormumhacks, shared her tip on Instagram where she has 199,000 followers. 

It involved taking an insulated drink bottle, designed for keeping liquid cool for up to 24 hours, and popping it in the freezer for a minimum of 30 minutes, then using that to store mini ice lollies while out and about.

Casey used mini Twister lollies, which you can get in packs of 6 from the supermarket for around £2-2.50 (depending on where you shop), which works out as roughly 33-42p per lolly. This is considerably less (about 80% cheaper) than the £2+ you would pay per lolly when buying from a vendor when out and about. 

Depending on the size of your flask, you could also try it with other similarly-shaped lollies, like Mini Milks, or Fruit Pastille lollies. If you're only looking to keep one ice lolly cold, you could experiment with different shapes, but you will be limited by the size of your flask's opening.

Casey says the longest she kept the lollies in the container was six hours and that they came out just as cold as when they went in.

If you're keen to try this hack yourself, then it's important to put your chosen insulated container in the freezer for a bit first (with the lid off), and then keep the lid tightly closed once you have put the lollies in, until you are ready to eat them. This will ensure they are kept as cold as possible for as long as possible. 

Even if you don't fancy taking ice lollies out with you, a thermos flask or insulated container can help help you avoid spending on hot and cold drinks in cafes if you are trying to keep costs under control during the school holidays. Simply make up your drinks at home, using a suitable container like those listed below, and take them with you. They will taste freshly made for up to 12 hours for a hot drink and up to 24 hours for a cold one. 

If you're looking to save the pennies, then it's also worth knowing where you can get free coffee, where you can get birthday freebies and how to get free Percy Pigs to see you through the school break. 

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