The utterly heartbreaking moment from Prince Philip's funeral you may have missed

Prince Philip's funeral

Prince Philip's funeral (opens in new tab) took place at St. George's Chapel in Windsor today, with 30 royal guests (opens in new tab) gathering to say their farewells at the military ceremony the Duke of Edinburgh planned himself.

Many royal fans were left saddened by the sight of Her Majesty the Queen, who spent 73 years of marriage (opens in new tab) with Prince Philip and who shared four children, eight grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren (opens in new tab) with him, sat alone during the service.

However, there was another subtle yet utterly poignant moment that was particularly heartbreaking - and you may have missed it if you didn't tune into the funeral coverage until the service started at 3pm.

As Prince Philip's coffin arrived in the grounds of Windsor Castle, the Duke's carriage could also be seen for a moment, with some of his personal belongings placed in the seat.

Prince Philip funeral carriage

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The carriage, customised by Philip himself, arrived at Windsor Castle drawn by two of his Fell ponies, named Balmoral Nevis and Notlaw Storm.

His racing gloves, hat and whip were placed in the spot where he once sat, representing Philip's final ride in his beloved carriage.

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A small plastic jar was also visible, which is believed to have held sugar lumps that Philip would have fed to his ponies.

Having noticed the truly touching and personal tribute to Philip's hobby, viewers took to Twitter to express their emotion.

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'They just showed Prince Philip’s gloves and hat, I just about burst into full cry mode. Tears are escaping,' one wrote.

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'The cap and gloves on the carriage did me in,' wrote another along with a broken heart emoji.

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'This was one of the most touching and poignant things seen today. it made me well up,' one more agreed.

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