Kate Middleton and Prince Louis ride bikes in London park as star-struck fan recalls adorable mother-son moment

Kate Middleton
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Kate Middleton and her youngest son Prince Louis are spotted riding their bikes in a London park as a fan describes the adorable sighting.

Kate Middleton and her son Louis were spotted enjoying some quality time together outside palace gates after a fan recalled the adorable moment they were seen biking together in central London.

The Duchess of Cambridge, who is mum to son Prince George (opens in new tab), seven, daughter Charlotte, six, and son Louis, three, took some time out from her royal duties to spend some mother and son time with her youngest.

The stunned fan, who admitted she almost "collided" with the young Prince, recalled the encounter on Twitter. She wrote, 'Had the most random & epic “celeb spotting” this morning in London. It was a literal run-in as we almost collided  It started as a grumpy day. I was stressed and sleep-deprived, grumbling to myself as a dragged my sleepy bum to dance class in Hyde Park...

'As I was approaching the Queen’s Gate entrance, I see a young boy on a bike racing towards me on the sidewalk, while gleefully saying “I can’t go slower!”  as his Mom chases inches behind. As I do when I see all kids, I break into a grin and say a big “hiiii!” as he zooms by.'

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Kate Middleton proved she can be a fun mum earlier this year as she took to riding a land yacht with her husband Prince William during a royal visit to Scotland.

Kate Middleton

But the fan who witnessed this latest sporty sighting continued to explain how the Duchess's security was running after the pair. 'It takes me about half a second to realize this adorable boy and his Mom are faces I’ve seen thousands of times. I then notice a breathless, masked man in a suit running after the two, clearly having been outpaced. I stop for a second to register this random, magical, royal moment...as I’ve just had an almost literal run-in with HRH Duchess Kate Middleton and Prince George! On a sidewalk! In the middle of London!!'

The royal-struck fan realised later that it was most likely Kate and her son, Prince Louis (opens in new tab) which she originally mistook for Prince George after other Twitter users pointed out George would be in school at the time of the sighting. And after all, Prince Louis was pictured with his new balance bike (opens in new tab) back in April to celebrate his third birthday (opens in new tab).

Kate admitted earlier this year that she struggled to keep up with him. “Louis has got so big now, he’s very quick running around and he’s on his little scooter as well. He’s very quick, I can’t keep up with him,” she explained.

However, he's not the only Cambridge kid to love biking - the Cambridges have previously been gifted an Avanti mini bike for Prince George in 2014 when they visited New Zealand on the first official trip overseas with their son.

Kate Middleton, Prince William balance bike

The sighting comes after Kate and Prince William took their eldest son Prince George to Wembley to watch the England v Germany Euros 2020 match as fans called for George to be given this new job (opens in new tab).

And Kate, who is no stranger to being quick off the mark, was trying to stop Louis from getting too far ahead and was said to have been even 'out-running' her security.