Kate and Princess Charlotte share a very surprising lockdown hobby

Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, and Princess Charlotte share a very surprising hobby in lockdown. 

  • Kate Middleton and her daughter, Princess Charlotte have an unusual shared lockdown hobby.
  • Royal expert Katie Nicholl revealed the way the duo spend time together at the moment in an interview with OK! magazine.
  • This royal news comes as Kate opened up about homeschooling in lockdown and giving her children DIY haircuts.

Royal expert Katie Nicholl has revealed that the Duchess of Cambridge and Princess Charlotte share an interest in spiders and have made them their hobby over the last year.

In October 2020, the young royals met Sir David Attenborough and interviewed him in their garden. Prince George, who famous received an incredible gift from the broadcaster, asked about extinction while Louis inquired about the conservation enthusiast's favourite animal (monkeys, in case you were wondering). Princess Charlotte, however, told David about her own interest in spiders and asked, "Do you like spiders too?".

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Katie Nicholl told OK! magazine that the eight-legged creatures have now become a hobby shared by the princess with her mum.

“Kate revealed last year that Charlotte was making spider sandwiches for her homework. It can be full-on for parents.”

The unusual activity is based on the book Spider Sandwiches, by Claire Freedman.

Katie said, “Kate has been interested in how outdoor learning can benefit children. She got to meet children who had lessons outside and ask how they enjoyed it. She saw the benefit first-hand. Kate is aware of screen time and tries to limit the children being exposed to too much. When the children have a break, she takes them outside, come rain or shine."

Forest schools are one such way children can learn outside. They've seen surges in demand over lockdown has schools haven't re-opened yet but nurseries have been allowed to stay open. Kids spend their days learning life skills out and about in local parks, forests and woodland with certified organisations.

Princess Charlotte, who shares a lockdown hobby with mum Kate

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“She wants them to get fresh air and be in nature. She loves to pick vegetables with them in the gardens. If they are learning about rivers or the sea, she and William try to incorporate that into their walks. Charlotte is a massive fan of spiders and loves looking at them and learning about them, so they go on spider hunts so that she can see them up close and then let them go.

“Kate is also a great painter and loves art. She’s the more creative of her and William and loves to paint with the kids. She’s not afraid for the children to get messy with it.”

The expert also confirmed that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge chose what school Prince George and Princess Charlotte would go to based on their hands-on approach in schooling.

"Thomas’s Battersea expects a hands-on approach from parents; that’s part of the reason they picked it."

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