Meghan Markle gushes about Prince Harry being ‘beautiful’ role model for son Archie

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  • Meghan Markle has revealed how much she admires Prince Harry being feminist and a 'beautiful' role model for their son Archie.

    In an interview with US rights activist Gloria Steinem about the importance of voting, Meghan discussed female representation in politics, and explained how men can be feminists, as well as women.

    Meghan said: “Like my husband! I love that when he just came in he said, ‘You know that I’m a feminist too, right Gloria?! It’s really important to me that you know that.

    “I look at our son and what a beautiful example that he gets to grow up with a father who is so comfortable owning that as part of his own self-identification.

    “That there’s no shame in being someone who advocates for fundamental human rights for everyone, which of course includes women.”

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    Meghan continued to say that she believes Archie will grow up “knowing it’s OK to be loving and nurturing” because of the way Harry is, as a father.

    And Meghan also used the interview as an opportunity to show her admiration for Gloria’s work in fighting for gender equality, saying: “People forget how hard women like you and so many others have fought for us just to be where we are right now.”

    Last week Meghan implied that she felt unable to voice her opinion in recent times, hinting that she had been censored by staff at the palace while she was acting a senior member of the Royal family.

    She said she wants to use her voice “in a way she hasn’t been able to of late”.

    While Meghan and Gloria’s interview location was kept a secret, her dogs wandered into the room, midway through, leading fans to believe it was in her, Harry and Archie’s new Santa Barbara mansion.