Prince Harry’s ‘greedy’ private investigator apologises for ‘robbing him of his teenage years’

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  • Prince Harry's "greedy" private investigator has apologised to the Duke of Sussex for "robbing him of his teenage years".

    Prince Harry has been given an apology from the private investigator who targeted the phone of his ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy and admitted he helped “rob” the Duke of Sussex of his teenage years.

    Gavin Burrows confessed that there had been a “ruthless” culture in parts of the media during the early 2000s when he said the phone of Chelsy Davy, Harry’s girlfriend at the time, had been under surveillance.

    A private investigator’s job is to help organisations, members of the public, and solicitors, to solve sensitive or difficult problems by discretely gathering evidence and information.

    And speaking on the BBC Documentary The Princes and The Press, Mr Burrows revealed that there was much more interest in Prince Harry than his brother Prince William, who is second in the royal line of succession, when he began working for the now-defunct News of the World in 2000.

    He spilled that editors told him putting Prince Harry on the front of the newspaper would sell more copies.

    “As explained to me by a couple of editors, Harry had basically become the new Diana,” he said.

    Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy, Prince Harry's private investigator

    Prince Harry & Chelsy Davy Attend The Cartier International Polo Day At Guards Polo Club, Windsor. . (Photo by Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images)

    Princess Diana died in a car crash in Paris aged 36 and it is understood that the vehicle was being chased by paparazzi at the time.

    Mr Burrows is said to be a witness in a legal case against the News of The World and The Sun, according to the BBC, but his claims are yet to be tested in court and are disputed.

    Prince Harry filed legal proceedings against News Group Newspapers and Reach in 2019 – just days after it was announced that his wife Meghan Markle, was suing the Mail on Sunday after the newspaper published a letter she wrote to her father.

    Meanwhile, Mr Burrows, Prince Harry’s private investigator, claimed on the BBC documentary, ‘There was a lot of voicemail hacking going on, there was a lot of surveillance work on [Chelsy’s] phones, on her comms.

    “Chelsy would brag to her friends when she was going to see him.”

    He explained how investigators were interested in Chelsy’s medical records, her ex-boyfriends and details of her education before apologising profusely.

    He said he was “very sorry” and explained, “I was greedy, I was into my cocaine, and I was living in a fake state of grandeur.”

    He added there was a “ruthless” culture in the media, saying, “They’ve got no morals – they absolutely have got no morals.

    “I was basically part of a group of people who robbed [Harry] of his normal teenage years.”

    You can watch Prince Harry’s private investigator on the BBC Documentary The Princes and The Press on the BBC Iplayer.