The Queen sent out very special edible Christmas gifts made by her and Prince George

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  • The Queen and Prince George gave some very special, edible Christmas gifts to members of the British Armed Forces this year.

    Her Majesty the Queen and future King Prince George got together with Prince Charles and Prince William last year to make Christmas puddings together.

    The four generations of royals were pictured at Buckingham Palace last December whipping up a batch of the festive treats, with Prince George stirring up a big bowl of fruit, nuts and spices to go into the brandy infused puds – some of which contained lucky hidden coins.

    After a year of maturing, the royally made Christmas puddings are being given to are being given to veterans in the United Kingdom as part of the Royal British Legion’s Together at Christmas initiative, a project that is helping to stop people feeing lonely during the festive season.

    The puddings were made to be used as special centres pieces for the Royal British Legion’s Christmas parties across the UK, but the ongoing coronavirus pandemic means the gatherings have been moved online for this year.

    Instead, the four handmade puddings whipped up by the Queen, Prince George, Prince William and Prince Charles were sent with 95 others to to families in the UK, Spain, and Fiji, as well as to military personnel deployed in Bahrain, in order to give them a royal token of appreciation for Christmas.

    Julian Groves, 59, who served with the Royal Army Medical Corps for 11 years, even found a sixpence coin inside one of the puddings, added during the Queen’s Buckingham Palace baking session.

    Julian said, “It’s incredibly special to be part of Together At Christmas and I was amazed to discover the sixpence.

    “I’ve never done anything like this before but the sense of comradeship it created made it feel like being back in the forces.

    “No matter how tough things are, the Legion always rallies round, making sure everyone is looked after.”