The Queen has received some sad news about her royal duties

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The Queen has been given some sad news about her royal duties.

  • Sad news for the Queen has been confirmed after it was announced that no events will take place at her royal residences until next year.
  • Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II (opens in new tab) is due to return to work at Buckingham Palace this month but there will be no large scale events held until 2021.
  • This royal news (opens in new tab) comes after it was revealed that a secret royal wedding took place last week.

Her Majesty the Queen has been forced to cancel all major events taking place at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle until 2021 due to the ongoing coronavirus (opens in new tab) pandemic.

Big royal occasions and events like investitures will be cancelled, palace officials confirmed today, despite attempts to find an alternative way of doing things in line with the latest coronavirus social distancing rules (opens in new tab).

The Queen, who has enjoyed a summer break up at Balmoral and on the estate at Sandringham, will be saddened by the latest news as she prepares to return to Windsor Castle to continue her duties as head of the royal family.

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Buckingham Palace confirmed on its website, 'In line with current Government guidelines, and as a sensible precaution in the current circumstances, there will be no large-scale events held at Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle for the rest of the year.

'A variety of possibilities were examined to see if it was possible for investitures to safely take place in line with the guidelines.

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'Sadly, due to the large numbers of guests and recipients attending, it was not possible to find a way of safely delivering these events in the current circumstances. Recipients will be contacted directly.

'The Queen's intention remains to return to Windsor Castle in October and to resume the use of Buckingham Palace during an autumn programme of audiences and engagements, in line with all relevant guidance and advice.'

The Queen, who was spotted driving her Range Rover in Norfolk this week, is still a working monarch (opens in new tab) and is expected to return to her 'HMS Bubble' at Windsor next week, with reports claiming Philip is 'being made' to return to the castle because there is not enough royal staff available to create two Covid-safe bubbles for the pair.