Breast cancer survivor hits back at ‘black and white’ Facebook challenge with mastectomy scar selfie

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  • A breast cancer survivor has hit back against the ‘black and white’ Facebook challenge by sharing a selfie of her mastectomy scar.

    You many have seen people sharing black and white selfies on social media, with the caption ‘challenge accepted’, with the aim of raising awareness for cancer.

    However, Rebecca Wilkinson has taken to Facebook to share her criticism of the campaign, calling it ‘narcissistic’ and saying there are better ways to show support.

    Rebecca Wilkinson

    Challenge Accepted. It’s the latest viral craze; people sharing black and white selfies for “cancer awareness” or to “show support for people with cancer”… That is ABSOLUTELY not what you are…

    In the post she said: ‘Do you really think someone with cancer will be happy because you posted a narcissistic picture with an arty filter? No. They won’t. Go visit them in hospital, or take them to chemo, or cook them a meal. Hell, even send them a Facebook message to let them know you are thinking of them. But this? This does F*** ALL.’

    Rebecca was diagnosed with cancer in 2003, aged just 32, and had both breasts removed as part of her treatment. On her Facebook post she shared her own black and white selfie, revealing her mastectomy scars to show what life with breast cancer really looks like.

    Rebecca Wilkinson

    Rebecca Wilkinson added a new photo.

    ‘This selfie here is awareness of what cancer does to your body’, she added.

    ‘You can see the result of one successful, and one botched mastectomy and revision. You can’t see the effect chemo has had on my immune system, my hands and feet, or my memory. You can’t see the psychological effects cancer has had on me or my children (who might also have the gene). You can’t see the scars from my oophorectomy (removal of ovaries) either. You can see my b***hin’ eyebrows, but they’re tattoos; chemo stole my real ones.’

    While many people have been sharing their selfies to ‘raise awareness’, Rebecca criticised the fact that no money is being raised and as ‘everyone on Facebook is aware of cancer’, ‘you cannot play the awareness card’.

    Her post has already been shared over 17,000 times with many lending their messages of support.