'I NEVER go to the gym' - Fiona Phillips' diet and exercise secrets REVEALED

The 54-year-old star is looking and feeling better than ever, but how... ?

It's not often a celeb, especially one that's a household name like Fiona, can hold their hands up and say they avoid the gym at all costs. But it's this refreshingly honest approach that we've come to know and love the daytime TV favourite for.

After all, who really has the time to spend hours in the gym when there's a million and one things on the to do list and counting? Fiona, 54, is a woman after our own hearts with her relaxed approach to health, diet and fitness, and what's more... she looks better than ever for it! We'll have what she's having, please.

Fiona shares her secrets with this month's Fit & Well magazine, and guys, it's ALL about moderation, with some energy-boosting tweaks thrown in...

'My main exercise is walking everywhere'

Now here's a form of exercise we can finally get on board with. Despite having a personal trainer for 12 years when she was co-presenting GMTV, Fiona now prefers a lighter more enjoyable form of exercise - avoiding the gym at all costs! 'I find it boring', she tells the magazine. 'My main exercise is walking everywhere. I always walk to the supermarket and I'll buy heavy things like bottles of bleach and walk home with the bags – that takes about 30 minutes and I feel like I've had a mini-workout when I get back.'

She also credits a fitness band to keeping her focused and energised throughout the day. 'What really helps me stay active is wearing a Nike+ Fuelband. You can set "fuel points" targets for each day and it tots up how much you're moving. I set 4,200 points and always make sure I hit the target.'

Fiona hasn't always been slim and enjoys her food and cooking

'I actually gain weight easily'

Fiona says she hasn't always been a petite size 8, revealing she was a big teenager and can gain weight very easily if she's not careful.

'I'm often on the go during the day and don't necessarily eat much, so I'm always really hungry when I get home. As I've got older, I want lighter meals, but I enjoy food and I like cooking – last night I made a smoked haddock chowder. I'm mainly vegetarian, but I have fish maybe once a month if my body feels it needs it.'

The one thing she tries to avoid? Sugar! 'It's just calories and it's addictive. I used to be against using sweeteners like aspartame, but all the scientists I spoke to for the programme [The Truth About Sugar, on BBC1 earlier this year] said you're better off using those than eating sugar.'

And you won't catch Fiona sipping on a green juice, either. 'I learnt juicing is really bad, too, because it takes all the fibre out, so you're just getting a lot of fruit sugar.'

Fiona shares her bingo wing blitzing exercises in this month's Fit & Well magazine

'I actually feel more confident about my looks now I'm older'

All those years spent on screen have given the mum of two some great beauty tips. 'I don't go anywhere without under eye concealer, and cream blush is another essential.' Fiona's top tip, however, is all about feeling comfortable in the skin you're in. 'I actually feel more confident about my looks now I'm older. Not because I think I think I look better but because I think "This is me".'

'I used to smoke and I've had too much sun', she says. 'I would never have Botox or fillers. My life is on my face'.

Fiona, we think you look incredible!

To find out how to blitz your bingo wings like Fiona, pick up this month's issue of Fit & Well magazine.