Greggs Minimise Me diet plan: Could YOU lose weight eating nothing but Greggs food?

Sausage rolls and chicken bakes are on the menu...

Could YOU lose weight eating nothing but a Greggs diet plan?

The company says you can - and it takes just 30 days. They've launched the Greggs Minimise Me diet, which allows you to eat a range of products, including healthier options like porridge and fruit, but also classics like the occasional sausage roll, and according to their testers it really is an effective weight loss plan.

Want to give it a try for yourself? Here's what you need to know...

How does the Greggs Minimise Me diet work?

The Greggs Minimise me diet is a meal plan created from exclusively Greggs foods, and is centred on items from their Balanced Choice range, where options are under 400 calories.

The brand worked with independent dietician Laura Clark, who created a 30-day diet made up entirely from the Greggs menu and worked with four participants who gave the plan a go. Whilst also incorporating more activity into their lifestyles, all of the members of the group found that they'd lost a notable amount of weight by the end of the time frame.

What can I eat on the Greggs Minimise Me diet?

Greggs have released a week's worth of meals that you could eat if you want to try the Minimise Me diet plan for yourself. Many of the days aren't too dissimilar to a typical healthy eating plan, with Monday's menu as follows:

Breakfast Original Porridge with 1/2 pack of Berries & Cherries

Lunch Tuna Mayonnaise Sub Roll

Dinner Cheese, Tomato and Basil Pasta Salad

Snack Fruit Medley

However, some of the foods definitely feel more indulgent. On Wednesday and Saturday, you start the day with an Egg Breakfast Roll, and Sunday lunch is a slice of Margherita Pizza. Other items you might not expect to see are the Greggs Sausage Roll, Katsu Chicken Bake and Raspberry and Almond Bakes. A diet plan that includes cakes and pastries? Apparently, it can be done!

You also get a daily milk allowance of 200ml, and of course, unlimited water. The plan was specifically developed for a woman, aged 35-45, with a sedentary lifestyle, but could also help people outside of that demographic to lose weight and feel healthier.

How much weight can I lose on the Greggs Minimise Me diet?

Greggs trialled the diet plan with four participants, and over 30 days they lost a collective two stone and 14 inches.

One Minimise Me dieter, Hannah, wanted to get back into shape before returning to work after maternity leave, and managed to shed an amazing 1st 3lbs, adding that that she was 'thrilled' with the outcome.

'I'm just so incredibly amazed with myself that I managed to so successfully stay on the wagon, it's one of the first diets I've done in years that I've managed to stay on for such a long time without coming off of it,' she told the Daily Mail.

'With diets that I've tried before, you weight out your portion size, and then you sneak a little bit of extra in if you're feeling a bit naughty.

'But with this one, the sandwich is there, the fruit pot is there, the porridge is there - and it takes away all the kind of faff of having to weigh things out and measure things out.'


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