Gwyneth Paltrow’s three-day detox plan: Will it work?

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  • If you’re feeling down in the dumps after overindulging (maybe you’ve had lots of family celebrations, a big holiday or just generally been enjoying your food a little too much – we rarely need an excuse!), a detox diet can be just the thing to make you feel human again – and Gwyneth Paltrow has come up with a way of making you feel full back to your best and full of energy too!

    Not only does Gwyneth conjure up some fast detox treats in the kitchen on her website Goop, but she also gives some advice on how to make the detox more comforting while it’s cold, windy and rainy outside.

    If the thought of a detox plan that can help you cleanse and get back to feeling more like you sounds tempting, then this is the diet plan for you!

    What does Gwyneth’s detox involve?

    In addition to the usual detox rules of no alcohol, no smoking and drinking lots of water, the three-day detox plan comes with recipes for healthy milkshakes, soups, pates and dinners to keep you satisfied but will help you lose the bloat and feel revived.

    Some of the ingredients are a little hard to come by, but you will find some recipes that are pretty straightforward to make.

    Day one’s menu includes:
    Chai gingerbread shake Chickpea soup Walnut lentil pate Quinoa stuffed Kabocha squash

    Day two’s menu includes:

    Peppermint hot chocolate Roasted carrot soup Mixed seeds and almonds Pan-steamed chicken and broccoli

    On the third day, you’re advised to eat:

    Gwyneth’s savoury shake Balsamic miso root salad Walnut lentil pate Coconut poached salmon

    You can find all the recipes on the Goop website

    Gwyneth is known for her healthy lifestyle, and now she’s sharing her own three-day detox plan so you can try it for yourself!

    How much will it cost?

    Although some of Gwyneth’s recipes are a little extravagant (the Peppermint hot chocolate, for example, will cost about £20 for the ingredients!), many of the recipes are cheap to whip up in the kitchen. You can of course combine Gwyneth’s menu with some of our own detox recipe ideas.

    What else does Gwyneth advise?

    One of the most important things about detoxing in winter is making sure you’re warm enough for your body to make all the repairs it needs, so put on your socks, jumper and slippers and stock up on healthy soups and hot herbal teas to make sure your internal body temperature stays nice and cosy.

    However, the shock of cold air now and again will do your body the world of good, so don’t forget to step outside for a quick burst of wind every now and again to shock your body into metabolism mode.

    Will it work?

    Like any detox, Gwyneth’s plan will certainly make you feel better and it doesn’t insist on starving you like many other plans do, or force you to count calories. The meals sound filling and pretty delicious so you shouldn’t go hungry throughout the process. Remember though: detoxes aren’t designed to make you lose weight so only follow the plan for three days as suggested. Continuing to follow a plan designed to cleanse your body could mean you lose out on some important nutrients in your diet.

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