Jessica Knowles speaks out about ‘life threatening’ battle with sepsis

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  • Jessica Knowles has opened up about her battle with the potentially life threatening condition sepsis.

    The mum-of-one, who was formerly married to television presenter Nick Knowles, revealed in a blog for HELLO! magazine that she was admitted to hospital on Valentine’s Day, and required a week of intravenous antibiotics to fight the illness before she was allowed to be discharged.

    ‘Arriving at the hospital… I was aware something was seriously wrong,’ she wrote. ‘It became apparent that we were dealing with something life threatening and when I didn’t respond to 3 types of antibiotics it wasn’t looking good.’

    At the time of her hospital stay, Jessica kept fans updated on her condition through her Instagram account, saying: ‘The antibiotics are making me vomit, I’m in a lot of pain and back on these bloody injections but none of that begins to compare to how much I miss Eddie. Angry at myself and feeling like I’ve let him down by getting so unwell again. Feeling quite down and unsure when I’ll be out. Desperate to be back home with baby bear.’

    Jessica, who underwent treatment for cervical cancer in 2016, added in her blog that she’d ‘scared the hell out of her family once again’ and had since decided to take a year off to recover from her ordeal.

    ‘An entire year to read books instead of working, bake with [the estranged couple’s son] Eddie instead of doing house work and hang out with friends instead of working my butt off in the gym,’ she explained.

    ‘I love a tidy house and I enjoy exercise so I know I’ll get round to both – I’m just not going to stress about when. I’m not going to stress about anything and that’s probably the most healthy thing of all!’

    In addition to her health issues, Jessica has also had to deal with the stress of her split from Nick, 54, whom she confirmed her separation from in early 2017 after trying to reconcile their relationship.

    ‘We tried everything we could,’ she said during an appearance on This Morning in January. ‘It’s hard but we really worked and tried to make things work. There has to come a point for your health and happiness where you draw a line under it. We are really amicable though.’

    As if wasn’t enough, Jessica told HELLO! that she’d lost her beloved grandmother in recent months.

    ‘I’ve been to hell and back,’ she admitted to the mag. ‘My whole life has fallen apart. I’ve lost two people I love and I’ve been seriously ill… I had to put away wedding albums and separate our belongings… It was so hard. It just started to feel like I was beginning to breathe and then this happened.’

    However, she added that her priority is now self care: ‘There are a few things that I’ve put into place that have helped me immensely when I am “recovering”. I think the key is that I need to bring them all into my daily life when I feel well – not just when I’m severely ill.’

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