Teacher’s ‘menstruation care pack’ idea praised for making students feel better about periods

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  • Talking about periods for the first time can be hard – not to mention awkward – for teenage girls, but now one teacher has come up with a novel solution.

    Upper elementary school teacher, Kristin Heavener, from the US knows that periods are a tricky time for young girls, so has made sure all of her students feel fully equipped to deal with theirs during school hours by turning a number of her old make-up bags into ‘menstruation care packs’ for girls who start their periods unexpectedly.

    In a recent Facebook post – which as received over 11k shares and 18k likes, Kristin explained that students starting their periods during their studies happens a lot.

    Kristin Heavner

    Upper elementary and higher teachers (if you are a person uncomfortable with the idea of folks menstruating, you should prob not read ahead, but then really ask yourself why you are uncomfortable…

    She wrote: ‘I put a few pads in the bad and couple tampons and pantyliners, and I also add a few prewrapped disposable wipes. The students know that they can come ask, and they get a really pretty bag with their needed supplies inside.’

    Kristin says this solution is very discreet and ‘more fun that being handed a giant pad.’

    ‘I make sure to tell them to take as much as they may need to last the whole day,’ she continued. ‘I make a point to ask if they need more to take home.’

    Since the start of the new term, Kristin has noticed that the packs have come in ‘super handy’.

    She said that the school she works for did offer support, but added: ‘Sure, the office has pads for students, but once you’ve already figured out there is an issue, the last thing you want to do is head to the office, wait in line, ask for what you need, walk back to the bathroom, etc.’

    ‘I am right across from the bathroom and that makes it much more convenient than having to go all the way to the office.’

    Kristin shared her post not only to show off her idea, but to educate other teachers on students’ needs, and to inspire them to help while in school.

    So far, the reaction has been incredibly positive, with those who work in schools praising her on the helpful suggestion.

    ‘That’s an awesome idea thanks for sharing’ commented on person, while another wrote: ‘LOVE this! I’m the office manager at our school & help my little ladies out when teachers send them up. Will definitely be doing this!’

    Another agreed: ‘Great idea. Hats off to you for being so thoughtful. Shows you care about your students.’

    One poster even offering to help provide the bags: ‘This is awesome! πŸ’— πŸ’ž πŸ’—Can we help by sending you more pretty little bags? My daughter has collected so many over the years-PM me if you like this idea.’

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