‘I’m so relieved’ Linda Nolan breaks down on Loose Women over news that her cancer hasn’t spread

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  • Linda Nolan broke down in tears during an appearance on Loose Women as she revealed that her cancer has not spread.

    Earlier this year, the singer announced that she would have to have ongoing treatment to prolong her life, after finding out that the cancer she’d battled previously had returned, and was now terminal.

    Now Linda has been allowing the Loose Women cameras to follow her journey in a week-long ‘cancer diary’ series.

    Today was the final instalment, where on the morning before her results, she admitted her fears: ‘I’m scared it’s going to be worse and I’ll have to have harsher treatment. I can’t sleep thinking about it.’

    Linda sadly lost her husband of 26 years, Brian to cancer in 2007 and admitted that while she feels supported ‘it’s lonely’.

    She went on to say: ‘…When you get to bed and you shut that door to the world it’s lonely, especially when you have these things on your mind. Hopefully it’ll be ok.’

    The Nolan star broke down as she enjoyed a day out with her nieces and nephews, adding: ‘I never had children. I let my career get in the way but these little ones bring me so much joy, every time I see them.’

    ‘My nephew said he loved me more than his girlfriend – that’s not bad from a four-year-old,’ she joked.

    ‘I get sad when I think I might not see them grow up, but I can’t dwell on that, I’m sure they’ll remember me as being fun and mad aunty Linda.’

    Thankfully, good news was in store for Linda as her doctor informed her the cancer hadn’t spread or got any bigger.

    ‘I’m so relieved, I am so thrilled, I’m relieved, I’m on top of the world – so happy I have good news for family and friends,’ she said after being given the update.

    ‘I know now that every three months I’ll have a scan but in the meantime I look forward with a positivity now.’

    The star went on to say that her final message to cancer was: ‘You’re dealing with a tough cookie here, I’m going to fight you all the way.’

    When asked about why she did the diaries, Linda replied: ‘If someone is sitting at home watching me know that it’s okay to worry about your hair falling out, or to be angry or scared.

    ‘It makes doing these diaries all worthwhile hearing from people, from what they go through.’

    And Linda’s fans were quick to flood Twitter with notes of congratulations.

    One said: ‘Omg that was so sad I’m sat crying. Linda you are such a brave and inspirational lady xx’ While another posted: ‘What a beautiful lady. I’m so pleased it’s good news. I wish you so much luck. Im waiting back surgery so able to watch this fab show daily.’

    Another took Linda’s message to heart to with her own message for cancer: ‘Linda is such a brave lady keep fighting keep strong middle finger to cancer.’

    ‘I’m crying that’s the best news ever keep smiling stay strong be positive,’ a third agreed.