Melissa McCarthy reveals the secret behind her incredible 50lb weight loss

The star looked pretty in pink on the red carpet.

It's fair to say Melissa McCarthy looks incredible after a staggering losing 50lb plus.

The Bridesmaids star has revealed her secret, and you won't believe how simple it is! According to the actress, she credits a new 'super boring life' for her weight loss, before going on to explain that the key is in scaling back your social life.

'You bring it real down, you don't do anything fun and you go to bed at 7:30 - that's the trick,' she told Extra, in her typically humorous and lighthearted way.

Like many of us Melissa previously thought about her weight a lot, but reveals that she thinks overanalysing actually does more harm than good when it comes to losing the pounds.

Melissa looked gorgeous at the 21st Annual Critics' Choice Awards in January

'I stopped over-analyzing, over-thinking, over-doing anything. I kinda went back to when I was pregnant and I just stopped constantly being worried about it and I think there's something to kinda loosening up and not being so nervous and rigid about it that, bizarrely, has worked,' says Melissa.

The Mike and Molly actress, 45, has previously kept quiet quiet about her healthy regime, but the results are clear to see.

Melissa looked happy and confident as she smiled for the camera

In a interview with CBS This Morning in June 2015, host Gayle King asked 'Melissa, can I say you look great? I saw you on the red carpet with one of your designs and... I was saying, 'Listen, I'm about to sign up for Weight Watchers for the third time, because I do know it works, and you're doing something that's working for you. Do you want to say what it is?'

However, Melissa simply replied with a joke, saying 'Just crying a lot. I'm crying off the pounds.'

I feel amazing and I finally said, 'Oh, for God sakes, stop worrying about it', she added. 'It may be the best thing I've ever done.'

Melissa pictured at the Academy Awards ceremony in 2012

Melissa previously said that she's been a range of sizes, but being either larger or slimmer didn't make her any happier.

She told More magazine in 2013, 'I've been every size in the world. Parts of my twenties, I was in great shape, but I didn't appreciate it,' she explains to the publication.

'If I was a 6 or an 8, I thought, "Why aren't I a 2 or a 4?" Now I feel like I have two great kids and the dreamiest husband on the planet, and everything else is just a work in progress.'

Amen to that, Melissa!


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