‘I fell into a deeper hole’ Peter Andre opens up about his social anxiety struggles

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  • Peter Andre has opened up about suffering from social anxiety, revealing that he has used both medication and therapy to manage the condition.

    The reality TV star appeared on This Morning to talk about his struggles with anxiety and encourage others to seek help and ‘get to the bottom of the problem’.

    Whilst talking to hosts Phil and Holly, the singer admitted that it wasn’t until identifying with a segment he’d watched on Loose Women that he really realised he had a problem.

    Father-of-four Peter also spoke out against those that say social anxiety is not treatable, and shared some of the methods he’d used in the past to manage his own symptoms.

    ‘I’m here to say to people who say it’s not curable, that’s not true it is curable’ he said.

    ‘People have weird views on medication and therapy but I can tell you both of them worked for me.’

    Peter went on to explain that he feels resolving the root of the issue is the most important part of treating social anxiety: ‘People who have medication, yes it can make you feel better but you’re wiping the problem under the carpet. Unless you talk to someone and actually get to the bottom of the problem…’

    The Mysterious Girl hitmaker has spoken before about suffering from panic attacks, but it wasn’t until a friend reached out to him that he realised he needed to take action.

    Peter explained how the friend wanted him to stop relying on medication, and help him to address his underlying issues.

    ‘She started saying to me “you don’t need it, we’ve got to get to the bottom of the problem. Find where the trigger is from and once you understand it you’ll learn to deal with it”.’

    Unfortunately, with the death of his brother Andrew Andre in 2012 came the return of a lot of his anxiety.

    The 44-year-old said: ‘I think once you’ve been through it you’re more susceptible to fall into the trap of it happening again.’

    ‘The only time I have since is when I lost my brother and it hit me with a vengeance.’

    ‘I was medication free thinking I don’t need this and bang, I fell into a deeper hole and back onto medication thinking my is life ruined.’

    ‘I realised no, actually I was grieving. It wasn’t the medication that was the answer and I understood it was the grieving process.’