‘How is that my fault?!’ Chanelle Hayes appeals for help on social media after fall out with ex over abandoning their baby

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  • Chanelle Hayes has lashed out at her ex Ryan Oates online and appealed for advice and help from her fans after her former partner refused to look after their son on her 30th birthday to allow her to have dinner with her friends.

    Chanelle took to Twitter to brand Ryan ‘horrid’, ‘vile’ and ‘nasty’, after he refused to babysit her two boys over the weekend to allow the former Big Brother star to celebrate her 30th with friends.

    Best birthday present ever waking upto these two 😍 #blessed #FranksAndBlakes

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    After her fall out with Ryan over the issue, Chanelle lashed out at him on social media, revealing the details of their tense argument.

    ‘My 30th tomorrow, can’t have a birthday night out with my friends because my ex boyfriend won’t have the children as he’s decided he’s going out and has plans. I swear to god though #horrid’, she began.

    ‘Wouldn’t mind, but after walking out on his newborn baby you’d have thought he would have jumped at the chance of a night with him! Obviously only when it suits him.’

    Chanelle then went on to explain that as her mum works at the weekend, if Ryan wouldn’t look after her children for her, she wouldn’t be able to see anyone on her birthday.

    ‘Now it’s even an issue for me to go to see my parents and my friends! I need to be back at 6pm because he has plans and he isn’t my babysitter. So as my mum works on a Saturday I won’t get to even see her! Scum of the earth.’


    She continued: ‘Tells me I will be back for 6 as he isn’t my babysitter and that it doesn’t matter my friends have arranged a surprise dinner for me as he has plans. VILE.’

    A distressed Chanelle went on to vent her frustration at the dad-of-one for neglecting his duties as a father: ‘No, you’re not a babysitter. You’re a DAD. Or is that just when it suits you?’

    This absolute squidge pot though 😍😍 #7weekstoday #babyboy #FrankieOates

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    ‘So when I told him I would have to take the kids with me if he couldn’t have them slightly later for my birthday he says I’m not allowed to take them!! I can’t win!! Totally out to ruin my day. Awkward nasty person.’

    After Chanelle’s appeal to fans, her loyal followers were quick to rally round the star and offer advice to the upset mum-of-two.

    ‘Go out for your birthday day and dinner go bk when u please .. its his responsibility to look after the children too until ur home, and no hes not a babysitter but hes acting like one giving times etc.. not like a dad with responsibilities’ suggested one of Chanelle’s followers.

    Another said: ‘Imagine if it was his 30th? And you turned round and said ‘sorry you have to stay home with the kids as I’m going out’. If I were you, hold your head up high, file this instance away, remember it, and when there is an important occasion make sure you give karma a helping hand.’

    The couple were together for 18 months before they split, just two months after Chanelle gave birth to the couple’s first child together, a baby son called Frankie.

    Chanelle is now mum to two boys, as she already had a son called Blakely from a previous relationship.