‘Getting caught was a cry for help’ Kieran Hayler opens up about affairs with Katie Price’s best friends

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  • Katie Price’s husband Kieran Hayler has given his first TV interview about his affairs with two of her best friends.

    The couple appeared together on a special edition of ITV’s Loose Women, where each of the presenters were joined by their partners, to open up about the experience and how they saved their marriage after the infidelity.

    ‘It was difficult, wasn’t it Kieran?’ Katie quipped when asked about the sensitive subject, before quickly adding: ‘I was only being sarcastic. Don’t worry, we’re not having a domestic.’

    ‘We’ve been together five years in December and we went through a rocky patch with the affairs and he did fail the lie detector test, so it was a choice of walking away or sticking through.

    ‘I stayed because one, I loved him and two, I was pregnant with [the pair’s youngest child] Bunny. If I wasn’t pregnant with Bunny I wouldn’t have stayed. We have to laugh about it now because if you keep bringing it up, you’ll never move on.’

    Kieran, with whom Katie shares two of her five children, revealed that he had since sought therapy for sex addiction, adding it was more about an ‘adrenaline rush’ than the sex itself, and saying that getting caught with one of the women was ‘a cry for help’.

    ‘If I would have done this [the interview] at the time when this was happening, I would have been in pieces,’ he admitted. ‘Now talking about it is easier than it would have been. I’ve had loads of therapy for sex addiction.

    ‘It will never be gone, it’s just how you deal with it and the situations. Things you put in place in your head to deal with those situations. I haven’t had therapy sessions for over a year but [my therapist] still checks in.

    ‘[Getting caught] was a cry for help and being caught was my way out. It took Kate to basically save me, that’s why I had the Katie tattoo done on my leg. She is my guardian angel and I’m grateful to her for the rest of my life.’

    During the show, Kieran also gave a candid insight into his family life with Katie, saying: ‘Every morning I do the school run, come back and the whole place needs to be blitzed. Don’t get me wrong, Kate is the one who earns the money and I’m at home.

    ‘I do everything to make her life easier, so when she steps back through that door she doesn’t have to do anything.

    ‘On occasion… I just think maybe Kate is a different person when she has a drink. Jordan comes out. I fell in love with Kate. I like the homely girl at home with me, the one not going out getting drunk and wearing her bikini out to a nightclub.’

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