‘My love rat bishop’

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  • I’m 51 and have a history of depression. Eight years ago it got so bad I was taken into hospital. While I was there I met a bishop who was very friendly, supportive and caring towards me when I needed someone.

    After a while, he told me that he wanted me and was madly in love with me, but he was married. When I refused to see a married man, he insisted that he wanted to leave the church and his wife to be with me properly. He proposed to me and we got engaged. We became lovers.

    I made it clear that I hated the lying and sneaking around but he kept reassuring me that it was only while he sorted things out. I gave him the chance to change his mind and end our relationship, but he wouldn’t. He insisted that he must be with me and wouldn’t be happy until he was.

    When the time came for him to move in he asked to borrow some money, which I lent him. Weeks later, when he should’ve been moving in, he said that he couldn’t bring himself to leave, as God has told him he must stay and serve him.

    I was devasted and felt I could never trust a man again. He insisted he loved me very much and wanted to still see me. I tried for a while but as time went on he let me down more and more and I had to end our eight-year relationship knowing my depression would return. I don’t know how to rebuild my life – can anybody help?


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