15 ways Rosehip oil benefits your face and skin, according to skin experts

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It's the ingredient that works for every skin type and solves a whole host of beauty issues. Discover all of the rosehip oil benefits and why it is more popular than ever.

It may feel like the beauty market is saturated with magical beauty facial oils. But one that has been around for centuries and continually lives up to it's iconic status is that of Rosehip oil. The special skincare ingredient - which should be applied after your skin toner - works for almost everyone and ticks lots of skin-solving issues. It hydrates parched skin, calms sensitivity, diminshes skin pigmentation, helps with blemishes and evens get to work on preventing wrinkles too.

"Rosehip oil really is like the ‘everyman’ of skincare ingredients," says Rebecca Hopkins, co-founder of skincare brand, Balance Me. "It can be tolerated by lots of skin types, is a true multi tasker and I think that’s why it’s always been so popular and continues to be so."

What is Rosehip oil?

Rosehip oil - also known as rosehip seed oil - comes from the seeds, found in the pod that is just underneath the flowers of the rosa canina rose bushes. It can be found throughout Europe but it’s most commonly harvested for rosehip oil in Chile.

It is important to note that rosehip is not rose oil - which is instead distilled from the famous flower's petals. Rosehip normally has a gorgeous amber hue to it in its raw state. Plus a slightly woody scent.

Rosehip plant

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15 Rosehip benefits for skin:

1. Softens wrinkles

Rosehip oil is filled with vitamin C which is a powerful antioxidant for the skin. Antioxidants are key at fighting off internal stress in the skin thanks to factors like UV rays, pollution and poor diet. And it is these antioxidants packed into this particular oil that helps with the appearance of wrinkles. 

Scientists of one 2015 study by Thailand's Mae Fah University found rose hip "reduced the depths of crow’s-feet wrinkles, increased moisture content of forehead and improved skin elasticity."

The oil's cold-pressed fats additionally help with the wrinkle war as when applied they act as emollients that soften and hydrates skin whilst aiding skin cell regeneration.

2. Skin brightening

Alas a glowing complexion is not one of those celebrity anti-aging secrets that us normal folk are not privy too. Instead you can acheive an easy, affordable at-home glow with rosehip. And it's all to do with specific vitamins that make up this mighty oil.

"As well as antioxidants, rosehip oil contains vitamin E and C, phenolic compounds and other sciencey sounding ingredients," explains Dr Sonia Khorana, a GP specialising in dermatology. "What they do - along with all the other amazing benefits of rosehip oil - is help brighten the skin and even out skin tone."

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What's more, one Japanese dermatology study has deemed that the combination of vitamin C and E - as found in rosehip oil - is moderately effective in reducing dark circles under the eyes too.

Model Miranda Kerr also swears by it's rejuvenating properties. "I like to wear rosehip oil at night," she previously told BellaSugarTV. "It’s full of that many antioxidants and it really worked on a cellular level to rejuvenate the skin – I put it on at night and I wake up glowing."

3. Non-irritating

Someone with sensitive skin? According to beauty experts, it's rare for rosehip oil to aggravate common skin conditions like eczsema, psoriasis or rosacea.

"It is the type of ingredient that works for everyone and it’s really calming across all skin types and skin tones," says BalanceMe's natural skincare founder Rebecca Hopkins. "It’s even a great option for people with hypersensitive skin or rosacea."

Rosehip oil also not only soothes but helps get rid of spots on your face too. So acne-sufferers should invest immediately. This is because the oil contains something called linoleic acid, which dermatological research shows acne-prone individuals are typically deficient in. And this acid helps reduce micor-comedones - aka clogged pores in your face - according to one Belgium study.

4. Reduces scarring

There's further Rosehip oil benefits for those with acne to benefit from. Scientific research has found it helps get rid of acne scars and their appearance too.

One study in the Journal of Cosmetics, Dermatological Sciences and Applications proved that significantly improves the look of scars when applied directly. Participants were asked to use the oil on post-operative wounds. And after just six weeks the scarring had noticeably lessened.

Victoria Beckham has also openly credited Rosehip oil with improving the appearance of scars left behind after her own acne experience. She reportedly applies Trilogy Organic Rosehip Oil regularly to help with this.

5. Reduces inflammation

Skin inflammation can sometimes be hard to self-diagnose, however if your skin reacts quite strongly to things like very hot water, cold weather, a potent active skincare ingredient - then this all causes inflammation in the skin.

When it comes to calming down inflamed skin you need an ingredient scientifically proven for its anti-inflammatory properties, which is... you guessed it, rosehip oil.

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6. Tackles hyperpigmentation

Skin pigmentation or age spots - as we commonly refer to them - increase as we age. And it's all linked to sun exposure and an excess of melanin that causes normal skin to darken in patches. 

You can go one step further then just applying the best sunscreen for your face each morning. As another one of many Rosehip oil benefits includes its ability to correct pigmentation disorders.

“Vitamin C is key for tackling hyperpigmentation," nurse and aesthetic practitioner Natali Kelly tells us. "And as rosehip oil contains more of it than an orange or a lemon it is a powerhouse of an ingredient for reducing age spots."

Futher research suggests that the vitamin in the oil can prevent new spots from forming too. One New Zealand study confirmed that Vitamin C actively decreases melanogenesis (the process that results in melanin pigments or age spots).

7. Boosts collagen 

Chances are you've heard of beauty buzzword Collagen. And it turns out production of the big C is rather important when it comes to skin health:

"Rosehip oil contains high levels of vitamin C, which is needed to produce collagen - a naturally occurring protein found in the body - which helps with the elasticity and flexibility of the skin," says Natali Kelly." The more collagen you have the plumper and younger looking your skin will look."

She's not wrong either. As New York dermatologist Whitney Bowe told WebMD that collagen makes up around 75% of your skin's dry weight. And it's this that provides the volume to promote smooth skin.

Thankfully, rosehip oil contains galatolipid which a Danish study found stimulates the growth and restoration of collagen in our body.

8. Pregnancy safe

It's been confirmed: Kate Middleton is a fan of rosehip oil. And unsurprisingly when news of her penchant for the product was revealed sales went through the roof. She is said to have used it throughout her pregnancies. This is because the oil is great to use on pregnant skin and can help get rid of stretch marks.

Like Mrs Beckham, she's a fan of the Trilogy rosehip oil. So much so that she's continued to use it post pregnancy:

According to US Weekly, "Kate [Middleton] continues to use rosehip oil in her daily skincare regiment". "She loves the effect is has on her skin. [Her mother] Carole [Middleton] is also a fan," the source adds.

Woman holding pregnant belly

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Participants in one 2013 study used a moisturizer containing rosehip oil both during and after their pregnancy. And those in the group that applied the cream had less severe stretch marks than the other group.

9. Super hydrating

By now you're probably aware the Rosehip oil benefits are plentiful. And hydration is just another perk with this product.

“Rosehip oil contains really high levels of linoleic acid, which is an amazing emollient," says BalanceMe's Rebecca Hopkins. Over 47-50% of Rosehip oil is made up of this fatty acid - which is a rather high amount.

"Emollients help hydrate and soften the skin which is why rosehip oil is found in moisturisers and serums to deliver lots of moisture."

10. Brilliant for blemishes

British model Cara Delevigne has hailed Rosehip oil as a "skin smoothing hero". And she's not wrong either as it has a number of features which help acheive a blemish-free complexion.

“It may feel counterintuitive using an oil for breakout-prone skin, but rosehip oil can be a great natural oil for blemished skin because of its anti-inflammatory properties," Dr Sonia Khorana tells us. "It also has low comedogenicity, which means it won’t clog pores.”

Like her fellow celebs, Cara is a fan of Trilogy's organic rosehip oil. "I like to add few drops after cleansing in the evening and before my moisturiser come morning," she explained on how best to incorporate it.

11. Great for oily skin

When it comes to any skincare recommendations, skin type has to be taken into account. But the good news is that Rosehip oil benefits all types - even oily skinned individuals who might be sceptic.

“I know it might feel strange using an oil on oily skin, but rosehip oil helps balance out sebum production which means oily skins will rebalance and not become overly oily,” explains BalanceMe's Rebecca Hopkins.

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Your skin absorbs the oil quickly which prevents it clogging up pores. Making it perfect for those with oily skin. This is also what earns Rosehip oil it's low-comedogenic badge - which determines how a substance will affect our sebum production.

12. Great for protecting

Your skin barrier (aka the very top layer of skin) is what protects everything underneath from getting damaged. Thick factors like like UV rays, heat, cold and stress.The stronger your skin barrier is, the fewer issues your skin will have. And thanks to the high levels of antioxidants in Rosehip oil, it strengthens the skin barrier making your skin happier.

This - according to one 2017 study - is down to the phenolic compounds found in rose hips. And these especailly help to protect against UV radiation.

13. Can be used with other active ingredients

Any good morning and night-time skincare routine will including a cleanse, tone, moisturise and slathering of serum. Fortunately you'll be able to switch in Rosehip oil without it having any negative reactions with other products and ingredients being used.

“Some skincare ingredients don’t work well when used alongside other ones, they can cancel each other out or cause irritation. Rosehip oil is really well behaved and compliments lots of other ingredients," says Rebecca Hopkins.

"That’s why we team it with things like bakuchiol (a natural form of vitamin A) as it doesn’t diminish its efficacy and adds all of it’s own benefits too."

14. Effective on crow’s feet

Ahh those little lines around the eyes can often be the first signs of premature aging. And whilst we can't reverse the clock we can help with their appearance - thanks to another one of Rosehip oil's brilliant benefits.

2015 research into Rosehip saw a trial with participants asked to ingulf Rosehip powder for eight weeks. After this time results were recorded and scientists noted that crow's feet - in addition to general skin elasticity - visibly improved.

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15. Feels lovely

The consistency of Rosehip makes it satisfying to apply to the face. It's smooth, silky and un-stickylike in nature. Plus it absorbs into skin fast, so you won't be walking around feeling oily for long.

Rebecca Hopkins says the oil has a "gorgeous slip to it". When it comes to application she suggest you "massage in with either your fingers or a facial massaging tool like a gua sha or a jade roller."

Can I use Rosehip oil on my face everyday?

The general consensus amongst experts is that yes, rosehip oil can be used on the face everyday. It is unlikely to prove problematic when used daily. And instead ensures 

“Rosehip oil is such a great multitasking ingredient and has so many skin benefits it’s ideal to be used every day. It’s a really complimentary ingredient so will work beautifully as part of your existing skincare regime and it’s one of the reasons we include it in lots of our products because it boosts the efficacy of other ingredients,” says Hopkins.

If you’re trying rosehip oil for the first time then you might want to use it at night to see how well it sinks into your skin as oils can take longer to be fully absorbed, but drier skins will be able to use it day and night.

“I also recommend adding a few drops to your regular moisturiser or serum as it will make them even more effective and is a great way to massage it into the skin easily,” says Hopkins. 

Are there any Rosehip oil disadvantages?

  • Avoid under-eye area: “The only thing I would advise is to not apply rosehip oil on the delicate under eye area,” says Hopkins. “And I would say that about any oil, not just rosehip, because the skin under your eye is really thin and oils are very heavy so it can cause extra puffiness.” 
  • If it doesn't agree with you, don't force it: "Some congested skin types might find that rosehip oil is a little heavy for their skin,” says Khorana.

Where to buy Rosehip oil:

1. Trilogy Rosehip Oil

Celebrity favourite

Trilogy Rosehip Oil

Credit: Holland and Barrett

Counting Kate Middleton, Victoria Beckham and Cara Delevingne as fans - this organic oil has racked up over 35 beauty industry awards. It's suitable for all skin types - but especially those with dehydrated or ageing skin.

2. Pai Skincare Organic Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil

Best cult product

Pai rosehip oil

Credit: Pai
(Image credit: Pai)

Earning a plethora of 5 star reviews online, Pai's Rosehip oil is an iconic industry product - and for good reason. This light oil sinks in instantly leaving skin feeling hydrated, plump and soft. It's also vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.

3. Balance Me Rose Otto Face Oil

Best Rosehip oil for sensitive skin

Balance Me Rose Otto Face Oil

Credit: Balance Me
(Image credit: Balance Me)

Cruelty free and 100% natural ingredients. BalanceMe have created a gorgeous light oil that sinks in instantly. You only need a few drops and it can be used morning and night. 

4. The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil

Best budget Rosehip oil

The Ordinary rosehip oil

Credit: The Ordinary
(Image credit: The Ordinary)

Get those Rosehip oil benefits with beloved skincare brand The Ordinary. This oil has been cold-pressed, meaning no heat has been used to degrade the potency of the rosehip seed oil. Packed with antioxidants and available for under a tenner? You'd be silly not to invest.

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