Victoria Derbyshire reveals the symptom she Googled before finding out she had breast cancer

The TV presenter was diagnosed last year

TV presenter Victoria Derbyshire has revealed the symptom she looked up online before finding she might have cancer, in her new book Dear Cancer, Love Victoria.

The 48-year-old, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, made the revelation in the new book she's launching later this month about her battle with the condition.

Writing about the moment she thought she could have cancer, the journalist revealed 'inverted nipple' was the symptom she first Googled before finding out that she was ill.

'The kettle's on, and I'm Googling 'inverted nipple' before leaving for work. There are several explanations, but I instantly stop reading. BREAST CANCER.', she wrote, describing what happened on Monday 27 July 2015, shortly before her diagnosis.

'I might have cancer. I am not being dramatic, hysterical, irrational, foolish. I actually might have cancer,' she added, in extracts obtained exclusively by Mirror Online.

It only took two weeks for Victoria to be diagnosed by doctors who confirmed her worst expectation on Friday 31st July.

Following her diagnosis, Victoria released a series of video diaries documenting her journey through breast cancer, including one she filmed just hours after she woke up from having her mastectomy.

Holding up cards reading 'This morning I had breast cancer. This evening I don't', Victoria explained she made the videos hoping they would de-mystify the condition.

Speaking to The Guardian, the presenter said she was always honest with her two boys about her diagnosis and treatment, and that for now they seem to be coping well after their mum's difficult journey.

'They appear unscathed but I've no idea in the long term. They were pretty robust – they took their lead from us. I introduced them to the nurses and doctors. They went into the chemotherapy suite so they could see it was light and airy and not a scary place,' she said.

Now that's she's done with treatment, Victoria also says she's determined to embrace and enjoy every second.

'I've always lived to the full but now I'm squeezing life out of every second. I want to spend more time with family and friends – they're the most important part of my life. But I'm saying yes to more things. I want to embrace everything', she said.

Dear Cancer, love Victoria, by Victoria Derbyshire, will be published on September 21st (£18.99, Trapeze).

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