What’s the best diet for me?

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  • With so many diets claiming to be the ‘best for you’ where do you start? If you’re thinking of adopting a new eating plan soon, make sure it’s the best diet for your lifestyle to see more positive results.

    From the diets that will help you lose weight quickly, to others where you don’t have to give up that beloved bar of chocolate, find the best diet for you…

    Best diet for quick weight loss

    Are you looking for a quick weight loss diet for the perfect bikini body? Or are you considering a crash diet to fit into that fab party dress? Then our Bikini Detox Diet and Drop A Dress Size In 5 Days diets might just be the best diet for you. For more dramatic results, a liquid-based diet such as the Slim.Fast, Cambridge or Juice Diets could be for you. If you’ve got real determination, try a diet which dramatically lowers your calorie intake such as the Cabbage Soup Diet, Egg and Grapefruit Diet, Scarsdale Diet, Fast Fix Diet, Fast And Easy Diet or try our 7-day Detox Plan. Remember that these diets work for a short-term fix. We don’t recommend them for long-term eating plans.

    Best diet for an energy boost

    It’s a common thought that going on a diet means cutting out on lots of food and therefore leaving you tired and lacking energy between meals. But many diets, like Woman’s Own Energy-Boosting Diet have the opposite effect. The Nut And Museli Diet uses the fatty acids from nuts to keep you alert. A High-Protein Diet will fill you up quickly and keep you feeling energetic throughout the day without snacking. Our Brain-Boosting Diet will feel like you’ve recharged your body thanks to lots of superfruits. Other diets that have a great energy-boost include the Wrinkle-Busting Diet.

    Best diet if you like cooking meals from scratch

    It’s no secret that homemade meals made from natural, unprocessed ingredients are better for you than most ready-meals. So if you’re a fan of cooking meals from scratch why not try the Little Black Dress Diet, or the Lower-Salt Diet could be the best diet for you if you want to lower and control your salt intake. If you really want to try something different, you could give the Caveman Diet a go – you only eat food available in the Stone Ages. The Zone Diet is also good for the avid cooks.

    Best diet to keep the hunger at bay

    Diets tend to put people off because they enjoy the odd snack throughout the day. The Emergency Rescue Diet is sure to keep you feeling full as dinners are high in protein and breakfast options including porridge, which releases energy slowly. Other options you might want to look at are the Go Lower Diet and the Binge Diet.

    Best diet if you don’t want to give up ‘bad’ foods

    Can’t face living off salads but still want to lose weight? The Comfort Food Diet could be the best diet for you, as believe it or not, you can still eat burgers, potatoes and chocolate. The Lazy Girl Diet is great if you’re not a fan of cooking because everything in the plan can be ready bought from the supermarket, including your favourite ready meals. The carb-rich Good Mood Diet may seem fatty but the meal plans equal around 1,200 calories a day. Other diets you might want to consider are the Chinese Takeaway Diet, Supermarket Diet and the Fast Food Diet.

    Best diet if you’re a fan of exercising

    Exercising goes hand-in-hand with healthy eating. Some diets incorporate compulsory exercise into their plan, so if you’re a fan of keeping fit or feel you need to improve your fitness, this kind of plan is probably the best diet for you. The Walk Off A Stone Diet uses a set walking programme which will go great with the meal plan and will help tone legs. Most women desire having a flat stomach and our Flatten That Belly Diet is our best diet for this.

    Best diet if you have dietary requirements

    Just because there may be specific things you can’t eat, it doesn’t mean you have to rule out diets altogether. We’ve got a diet for diabetics, a Dairy-Free Diet, Gluten-free diet and the Eat What You Like Diet which is the best diet if you have other requirements or if you’re more of a fussy eater.

    Best diet to change your eating habits

    It’s a great achievement when you lose weight but staying at your target weight can be another struggle too. Perhaps a diet which helps to change your eating habits for good is the best diet for you. The No-Crave Diet does exactly as it claims – it uses phases to introduce foods you normally crave gradually back into your diet so you no longer feel you need them on a daily basis. The Think Yourself Thin Diet aims to change your mental attitude towards the food you eat. Addicted to sugary snacks? You’re not alone. The Sugar-Free Miracle Diet swaps afternoon sweet treats to healthier, but still tasty options. The Apple Diet is great to satisfy sweet cravings with fruit.

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