Are Tiff and Mildred still together? The Ultimatum: Queer Love season 1 update

Here's where the couple are now...

Tiff and Mildred The Ultimatum: Queer Love cast members
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Fans of Netflix's The Ultimatum: Queer Love want to know if Tiff and Mildred are still together following the release of the reunion episode.

The new reality dating show is only in its first season and it's already got scores of fans hooked on the cast, with many wondering are Xander and Vanessa still together? or are Lexi and Rae still together?

The show welcomes five queer couples in which one member has given an ultimatum: get married or end the relationship. Before being tested with 'trial marriages' - both to their original partner and another cast member from the show.

With a whole lot of summer left for loving, we look at whether Tiff and Mildred have managed to keep their spark alive...

Are Tiff and Mildred still together?

No, Tiff and Mildred revealed they have split up on the reunion show as it appeared the couple hadn't been in contact for a while. After appearing on the show they moved in together but it put a strain on their relationship as Mildred claimed Tiff had refused to get a job and was financially taking advantage of her. 

What happened between Tiff and Mildred on The Ultimatum: Queer Love?

On The Ultimatum: Queer Love Tiff and Mildred appeared to be the couple with the least problems, so you'd think they'd have a better chance at staying together but their relationship had cracks appearing at their at their engagement. The relationship turned toxic very quickly after the proposal - and saw a domestic violence dispute, according to Tiff and Mildred.

Mildred told viewers that a fight at home got serious and resulted in her being arrested. It's claimed that things were thrown at Tiff, including a dog gate. Tiff burst into tears and left the reunion show early, walking off stage.

Speaking during the reunion episode, Mildred said, "It was like the cloud came back. There was no clarity."

Where is Tiff now?

Tiff is understood to be dating again but is choosing to keep romantic life private this time. She said, "Thanks to the show and a lot of reflection post-relationship, I have a much clearer sense of what kind of romantic partner I want to have in the future."

She has launched a series of pop up events that provide a safe space for healing, hope and friendship. 

Where is Mildred now?

Mildred has been focusing on herself since the show, she has been channelling her energy into her business and helping her son adapt to adult life. She confessed, "Marriage is not my priority in this moment. I am learning to navigate life with Tiff."

She recently shared that "exciting things are coming soon" as she uploaded a snap in New York.

We've also shared where The Ultimatum is filmed.

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