Are Sam and Aussie still together? The Ultimatum: Queer Love season 1 update

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Sam (left) and Aussie (right) posing for a photo on The Ultimatum: Queer Love
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Netflix's reality dating show came back with a twist this Pride Month, and fans want to know if cast members Sam and Aussie are still together.

You might remember when a new dating show, The Ultimatum, debuted last year. From the same creator as Love Is Blind and Perfect Match, the show welcomes five couples in which one member has given an ultimatum: get married or end the relationship. The Ultimatum cast are then tested with 'trial marriages' - both to their original partner and another cast member from the show.

This year saw a spin-off version, which features all queer women or nonbinary cast members, and the outcomes have got reality TV fans talking. Just like viewers want to know if Xander and Vanessa or if Lexi and Rae are still together, many are asking the same of Sam and Aussie. Here's everything we know...

Are Sam and Aussie still together?

Yes, Sam and Aussie are still together. In fact, they're the only couple to have successfully made it through The Ultimatum: Queer Love. However, they haven't got married... yet.

The pair met a year and a half before filming The Ultimatum, when they were both in an online social group for LGBTQ+ people during the pandemic. In this time, Sam had decided she wanted to get married, while Aussie wanted to take things slow - so Sam issued the ultimatum.

Sam (left) and Aussie (right) hugging on The Ultimatum: Queer Love with trees in the background

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When Sam and Aussie first met, they described their immediate connection as something straight out of Hollywood. Aussie said, "When we first touched hands it was like something that you see in the movies. It was like the universe brought us together."

What happened between Sam and Aussie on The Ultimatum: Queer Love?

Aussie and Sam were paired up with Mildred and Tiff respectively on the show, and entered a trial marriage with their fellow cast members. However, neither was a successful coupling.

Tiff and Sam seem to hit it off in the beginning, but when they moved in together they immediately began to butt heads over Tiff’s dog. Sam refused to let the dog sleep in bed with them, so Tiff chose to sleep on the couch, causing an explosive argument between the duo the next morning.

Meanwhile, Aussie and Mildred didn't get along much better. Though things seemed to start well, the relationship shifted when Mildred met Aussie's friends. Speaking in her confessional, Mildred said: "Ever since I met Aussie’s friend, Mo, I notice a different person in Aussie."

In the season finale, Aussie and Sam were one of only two couples to get engaged. Aussie told Sam a story about two species of penguins that search for rocks to gift to their life mates, and tells Sam: "I feel like I’ve found my lifelong mate in you. I choose you." 

When Aussie asks Sam "Will you marry me?" Sam replies, "Yes," adding, "Ultimatums aren’t all bad."

Where are Sam and Aussie now?

At the reunion - which was filmed in January 2023 - Sam and Aussie revealed they are in the process of wedding planning and even considering holding two weddings, one in the US and one in Australia.

They told Netflix's Tudum that Aussie has fallen "even more in love" with Sam since appearing on the show, saying, "I am so lucky to be with this person."

The couple added that their healing journeys are more important than walking down the aisle, though they did reveal that when the day comes, the only cast members from the show who'll be invited are Tiff and Vanessa. As for Mildred, Aussie says they are not currently on speaking terms, adding, "There’s still some healing for me to do on my end, and I’m going to get there." 

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