Big Brother winners: Where are they now?

Taking a look at all winners past and present

Big Brother winners Brian Dowling, Pete Bennett, and Isabelle Warburton
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Big Brother winners: Where are they now? As an all-new Big Brother launches on ITV, interest has surged in previous winners of the reality series.

When it was confirmed that enduring reality series Big Brother was back for 2023, reality show fans couldn't have been more delighted, and were quick to ask where to find the new Big Brother house. The twentieth series has a new home on ITV2, with ITV gaining the rights to the show nearly four years after Big Brother was cancelled by Channel 5. Television networks have been playing pass-the-parcel with the addictive production, with those who can remember back far enough recalling it's original home being Channel 4. 

Following in the footsteps of presenter including Davina McCall, Brian Dowling and Emma Willis, AJ Odudu and Will Best are fronting the latest iteration - the duo will also take on presenting duties for companion show, Big Brother: Late & Live. With some memorable characters leaving previous Big Brother houses victorious, viewers are keen to know what became of them - read on to find out where all previous winners are now. 

Big Brother Winners: Where are they now?

Craig Phillips - season 1

Big Brother winner Craig Phillips

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Memorable Craig Phillips won the first ever Big Brother series back in 2000. He instantly donated his £70,000 prize to friend Joanne Harris, who had Down's Syndrome and required a heart and lung transplant. In the years after appearing on the show, bricklayer Craig appeared on a multitude of DIY and home improvement shows on TV.

Since 2013, Craig has worked with SilverLine Tools, presenting videos on their YouTube channel. He married Laura Sherriff at Peckforton Castle in 2018, with the couple welcoming daughter Nelly in 2019, and son Lennon in December 2020. Alongside Laura, Craig also runs his own YouTube channel, Mrs and Mrs DIY TV, offering building and home renovation tips. 

Brian Dowling - season 2

Big Brother winner Brian Dowling

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One of the show's most successful winners, Brian Dowling became the second Big Brother winner in 2001. He made history by winning a second time when he returned to participate in Ultimate Big Brother in 2010. When Big Brother moved to Channel 5, Brian presented four series of the celebrity version, and two series of the main show before being replaced by Emma Willis. 

On 30 July 2015, Brian married dancer Arthur Gourounlian at Powerscourt Estate, County Wicklow. On 1 September 2022, the pair welcomed their first child, daughter Blake Maria Rose Dowling Gourounlian - Brian's sister Aoife acted as surrogate, carrying the child for the couple.

He has taken on numerous presenting gigs since his win, and currently hosts The Real Housewives of Cheshire's reunion specials. Brian recently wrote on Instagram that his new show, The Salvage Squad, begins at the end of October, 2023. He's also filmed a documentary named Brian & Arthur’s Very Modern Family, available to watch on Really from October 11, 2023.

Kate Lawler - season 3

Big Brother winner Kate Lawler

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The first female Big Brother winner, Kate Lawler left the Big Brother house victorious in 2002. She has appeared on numerous reality shows since winning, including Celebrity Wrestling, and Love Island. She has also established herself as a popular radio show host, having fronted programmes on Virgin Radio, Capital FM, and KEY 103.

In 2021, Kate took part in MTV show Celebrity Bumps, being followed by a film crew whilst being pregnant and giving birth. She welcomed daughter Noa, in February 2021, with now-husband Martin Bojtos. In 2021 Kate also released her first book, titled Maybe Baby: On the Mother Side.

Cameron Stout - season 4

Big Brother winner Cameron Stout

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Cameron Stout became known for his proud Christian beliefs while taking part in Big Brother, asserting that sex should only take place within marriage. After winning the show in 2003, he has kept a lower profile than some contestants, occasionally appearing in pantomimes in Aberdeen and Glasgow.

During times Big Brother is airing, he also writes columns for The Sunday Post and the Aberdeen Evening Express. According to Press and Journal, Cameron is now part of the news team at BBC Orkney, where he produces and presents radio programmes. Outside of this job, he sometimes stands in as head teacher at one of the nearby island schools, and performs with his choir, Orkney Rocks!

Nadia Almada - season 5

Big Brother winner Nadia Almada

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When winning in 2004, Nadia Almada made history by becoming the show's first transgender winner. On leaving the series, Nadia recorded the single A Little Bit of Action, which reached Number 27 in the UK Singles Chart. She also made a cameo appearance on Hollyoaks, turning on the Christmas Lights. 

She later entered the Big Brother Australia house, and made other appearances on chat and reality shows. She reportedly now works as a hairdresser, telling Radio Times she'd love to make a return to the show. When asked why, she answered "Because I think, not only do I love the show and I think it'll be great, but I have a different perspective from 20 years ago and I want to show the kids how it's done!"

Anthony Hutton - season 6

Big Brother winner Anthony Hutton

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When 23-year-old Anthony won the series, he admitted to going a bit wild afterwards, telling the OK! that the day after the win he'd signed with an agent, and secured a £200,000 magazine shoot. Charging £3,000 for nightclub appearances added to his funds, and he began splashing the cash. 

As his fame dwindled, he admits to falling into a dark place and struggling to make ends meet. In 2016, he opened a barber shop in Durham called Mr Hutton's. Now 41, Anthony has also opened a cocktail bar, and has settled in Darlington with wife Sophie, and two-year-old son, Cruz. 

Pete Bennett - season 7

Big Brother winner Pete Bennett

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When Pete Bennett won Big Brother in 2006, the prize money had grown to £100k. The Tourette's sufferer had a romance with fellow contestant Nikki Grahame during his time in the house, who sadly passed away in 2021 from anorexia complications at the age of 38. Pete later became lead singer of the band Daddy Fantastic, and made appearances at Glastonbury. 

Things didn't go to plan for Pete however, when he announced in 2015 that he'd been made homeless. According to My London, he later launched a new cleaning service in 2017 called Celebriclean, cleaning for £100 an hour. Although this doesn't appear to be a functioning business any longer, Pete has also dabbled in acting and returned to music - his band LoVeDoGz have their first single Snail Killer set for release in the coming months.

Brian Belo - season 8

Big Brother winner Brian Belo

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Brian was another contestant to make Big Brother history, when he became the youngest winner at the age of 19. He went on to attempt a music career, which failed to take off. In 2013 he sued the creators of The Only Way is Essex, suggesting he was the first to develop a series named Totally Essex, using a similar format and cast - he later came to a settlement with the channel.

Brian since appears to have disappeared from public life, having no social media accounts or online presence.

Rachel Rice - season 9

Big Brother winner Rachel Rice

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Rachel dabbled in acting and modelling before entering the Big Brother house. She used a portion of her winnings to pay off her student debt, and donated some to charity. With a degree in English and drama, she now works as head of drama at Abersychan School in Torfaen, Wales.

Rachel is active on social media platform X, sharing news and holidays snaps of what appears to be her husband and two sons. She recently wrote "Good luck to all the contestants going into @bbuk.  Fingers crossed they can go back to basics even though I’m guessing living on rice and chickpeas like we did would not be allowed these days. Fingers crossed the tasks are good too. Will be great to hear @marcusBBbentley again."

Sophie Reade - season 10

Big Brother winner Sophie Reade

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After winning the series, Sophie went on to have a lucrative glamour modelling career, posing for the likes of Playboy and attending celebrity parties. In 2017, she gave birth to son Walter, whose father is former Dundee United player David Goodwillie - their relationship had ended before she gave birth. 

Sophie continues to model, often sharing raunchy snaps to her Instagram account.

Josie Gibson - season 11

Big Brother winner Josie Gibson

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Josie has enjoyed success as a TV presenter since leaving the Big Brother house. In 2019 she joined This Morning as a competition announcer, and since 2021 has become a regular presenter on the show, filling in when the others are absent. She has also appeared as a panellist on Channel 4's The Great British Bake Off: An Extra Slice.

Josie chooses to remain private about her dating life. She gave birth to son Reggie in 2018 with former boyfriend, Terry - the pair split three months after he was born.

Aaron Allard Morgan - Season 12

Big Brother winner Aaron Allard-Morgan

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Aaron made a couple of TV appearances following his Big Brother win. He has kept a lower profile than some former winners, and later opened Barzinger in Weston-super-Mare, a bar and cafe that also offered ways for young people to further their education. However, the bar is now listed as permanently closed. Not much else is known about the former winner's current whereabouts.

Luke Anderson - season 13

Big Brother winner Luke Anderson

(Image credit: Youtube/Big Brother UK)

Another winner to make history on the series, Luke was the first transgender man to win Big Brother. Deciding a celebrity lifestyle wasn't for him, he stepped out of the limelight and now co-owns the Cravin bakery in North Wales, with his wife.

He does have a low key online presence, sharing pictures of his family, pets, and delicious-looking bakes.

Sam Evans - season 14

Big Brother winner Sam Evans

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Sam announced plans to return to his job at Debenhams following his win. Born with 80 per cent hearing loss, Sam is another contestant choosing to stay away from the limelight, with his only appearance on TV being on a Welsh show in 2016, learning to speak the language along with other celebrities. 

Helen Wood - season 15

Big Brother winner Helen Wood

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Former sex-worker Helen wrote a column for the Daily Star for a time following her win. She later released an autobiography titled A Man's World, about her life in the sex industry. Another former winner to step away from pursuing celebrity life, Helen deleted her social media accounts and was last thought to be caring for her mum, who was suffering from dementia.

Chloe Wilburn - season 16

Big Brother winner Chloe Wilburn

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Another former winner who chose to return to their old life, Chloe returned to Doncaster, and is now married and a mother. She was last known to have started baby clothing company, Vinellie. However, the social media accounts for the business have not been active since 2022, and it's unknown whether Chloe has continued with the business. 

Jason Burrill - season 17

Big Brother winner Jason Burrill

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Prior to entering the Big Brother house, Jason had worked as a stunt double. On leaving the house victorious, he has taken on acting work in The Serpent, The Dark Return of Time, and Essex Vendetta. His social media accounts haven't been updated for a while, meaning he too, might be taking a break from fame.

Isabelle Warburton - season 18

Big Brother winner Isabelle Warburton

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Since leaving the series, Isabelle went on to become the salon owner at Summer Bunny Studio, offering health and beauty treatments. Now rebranded as Buff Salon, Isabelle now mainly treats her large social media following to snaps of her partner, children, and daily life. 

Cameron Cole - season 19

Big Brother winner Cameron Cole

(Image credit: Rich Gold/Alamy)

Now 23-years-old, Cameron came out as gay during his time on the series. The final winner before Big Brother went on hiatus, Cameron now lives in London with boyfriend, James, and is studying psychology at Goldsmiths University. 

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