Daniel Radcliffe shares baby son's 'awesome' milestone, that is a 'real privilege' to watch

He describes it so sweetly

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Daniel Radcliffe's baby son is starting to reach some cute milestones - the proud new dad described his latest one as 'awesome' and a 'real privilege' to see.

Of the many baby developmental questions, top of the list for many new parents is when do babies smile? Daniel Radcliffe and partner Erin Darke, haven't had to wait as long as they expected to witness their son smile for the first time, sharing their joy at this experience with the world. 

The Harry Potter star, 33, and long-term partner Erin, 38, revealed they were to become first-time parents earlier this year. Although they are yet to reveal his name or exact birthday, it is believed the tot arrived sometime in April.

Not only is their baby reaching milestones exciting for the couple, their son's arrival has also taken place during the year they celebrate being together for a decade - a significant landmark for any relationship.

According to Good Housekeeping, Radcliffe's son beginning to smile has left the star gushing with pride. "He's smiling and that's all I need," he said, adding "Like, that's awesome. Some people have to wait a lot longer for that, so I'm really happy with that."

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On having the time to watch his son develop, Radcliffe added the flexibility his job offered allowed him "real privilege." He added "It's great. It's crazy and intense, but he's wonderful and Erin is amazing - it's a real privilege also to have this time with him."

He's planning to maintain that flexibility to continue watching his child meet as many milestones as possible. He said "I'm sure I'm going to probably, for at least a few years, become a little more selective about how much I work just because I really enjoy spending time with him and I'd like to continue doing that."

The actor was quick to point out that he loves his job, and won't be quitting acting anytime soon; he revealed how lucky he feels to have work he can dip in and out of. "I was always going to take some time off," he suggested, "Which not everyone is able to do, and so I'm able to kind of just be here with him a lot, which is lovely."

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Radcliffe has also previously shared wishes for his children to spend time around film sets. `In an interview with Newsweek he said "I want my kids – if and when they exist – I would love them to be around film sets." 

He added "A dream would be for them to come onto a film set and be like: 'God, you know, I’d love to be in the art department, I’d love to be something in the crew.'"

Although he was enthusiastic about film sets, the actor was quick to share his views on the downside of fame. "I wouldn’t want fame for my kid" he said, continuing "Film sets are wonderful places. A lot of the time it can be wonderful for kids, but it’s really the fame side of it that should be avoided at all costs."

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