Davina McCall lists the worst times to have banter with women - and she’s absolutely nailed it

The TV presenter gives some honest pointers over the right and wrong times to joke around

Davina McCall
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Davina McCall has shared what she believes are the worst times to have banter with women - and she's spot on.

The TV presenter, who is host of upcoming reality dating show My Mum, Your Dad, is dating hairdresser Michael Douglas. She's spoken out passionately about a pet peeve of hers and she's been praised for getting it spot on.

Speaking on The Diary of a CEO, on BBC iPlayer, Davina shared, "Banter is bad in several situations." Before going on to list moments when it should not be used.

"Banter is bad around periods. Do not banter about periods. You can do banter about haircuts, clothing, loads of things...but banter about periods, (is) not funny."

She continued, "Banter in childbirth, (is) not funny unless wife has given you permission to bants [banter], or unless she bants at you, then you can bants back.

"And banter during menopause, unless she bants first."

Davina warned, "Always go by the woman, because these are times of great vulnerability and sometimes a bit of banter can really hurt."

The clip was shared on BBC iPlayer's Instagram and fans have welcomed her analysis. One fan commented, "Male banter is awful. It's insecure men trying to put others down to make themselves feel better."

Another fan put, "I didn't have a clue on that.. Thank you!"

And a third added, "Davina . You are the kind of person we all want as a friend . I watched you on CEO and knew you had had a difficult childhood but you are also very like able."

Other fans used the clapping hands emoji to show their appreciation for raising the topic.

Davina McCall and Michael Douglas

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Davina has previously spoken out about how she feared she'd lose her job after going through the menopause, and spoken openly about loving her body after giving birth to three children Holly, 21, Tilly, 19, and Chester, 16, whom she has with ex-husband Matthew Robertson.

For more wellbeing advice, we've covered how to talk about periods with kids and asked the experts about the best period products.

You can watch Davina's appearance on Diary of a CEO on iPlayer now. The episode explores the real story of TV icon Davina McCall, from a heartbreaking childhood that saw her take drugs with her mother to hosting Big Brother - one of the biggest shows in the world. She’s come a long way and at every step along her journey, no one was going to define her but herself.

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