Eamonn Holmes becomes a granddad as he tells viewers son Declan and wife Jenny have welcomed a baby girl

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  • Eamonn Holmes has announced he has become a granddad as he tells This Morning viewers his son Declan and wife Jenny have welcomed a baby girl.

    Eamonn Holmes becomes a granddad after he shared some happy news with This Morning viewers when he revealed his joy over becoming a grandparent for the first time.

    for those who are wondering ‘Why are Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford are on This Morning today?‘, they are covering the ITV daytime show over the summer holidays for Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield and it was during today’s show that Eamonn shared his happy news.

    “Something has changed since I last saw you yesterday and that is…”, Eamonn teased. Ruth then sang, “You’re a Granddad, Granddad.”

    Eamonn explained, ‘It wasn’t just me, I had nothing to do with it, it was my son Declan and his wife Jenny, the happy couple and Jenny gave birth to Amelia, She is seven pounds six ounces. So that’s my first grandchild, my mother is a great-grandmother.’

    The TV presenter, who has been battling with his chronic pain in recent months, first teased that he was going to be a grandparent back in April when he made a huge announcement after being ‘in tears’ and panicked viewers into thinking his ‘tough week’ was about his health.

    Following his latest announcement Ruth asked Eamonn, “So what are you going to be, Gramps? Granddad? Gromps we came up with but he wasn’t too keen on that one.”

    To which Eamonn replied, “You see it surprises people because people look at me and they think ‘he’s too young to be a grandfather’ and I’ve got people getting in touch with me about glamorous granddad competitions but no I think my friend Bill, he’s pronounced himself as Papa…”

    Ruth approves, telling him “I like Papa – it’s got a ‘Head of the family’ feel to it” to which Eamonn agreed.

    Eamonn joked on the name being like ‘the Pope’ with its ‘infallibility’ as he added, ‘I’d quite like my grandchildren to call me Papa.

    Ruth added, ‘Papa Holmes. So congratulations to Declan and Jenny – We can’t wait to meet her!”

    Eamonn, 61, has sons Declan, 32, and Niall, 28, and daughter Rebecca, 30, with ex-wife Gabrielle, and a son Jack, 19, with his wife Ruth.

    Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford with their son Jack and Eamonn's daughter Rebecca

    This Morning was among the first to congratulate him, they tweeted, There was a big announcement from @EamonnHolmes on today’s show, and we couldn’t be happier for him! Congratulations Eamonn!’ 

    And viewers sent their delight at the news Eamonn Holmes becomes a granddad. One fan tweeted, Congratulations Eamonn on your granddaughter #AmeliaHolmes. This little lady is going to be surrounded so much love and affection.’

    Another fan wrote, ‘Congratulations Eamon – your little granddaughter is a lucky baby to have you and Ruth in her life. Thinking of names for you; Papa sounds cute from a child but would the teenager or twenty something want to call you it? Lovely to see you both back.’

    And a third added, ‘Congratulations Papa you will make a wonderful grandfather and I’m sure Amelia will have you wrapped around her finger.’

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