Why is Holly Willoughby not wearing her wedding ring?

Holly Willoughby
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Holly Willoughby has been spotted without her wedding ring, but why is she not wearing it?

The This Morning star has continued to present the daytime show during the coronavirus pandemic, but both Holly and Phil had to make some changes.

As well as no make-up artists and generally less people around to help in the studio, Holly also been spotted not wearing her wedding ring.

Back in March, Holly explained that she's not wearing her ring anymore because of having to wash her hands more often to stop the spread of the virus. "I'm permanently taking my rings off. I keep forgetting to put them back on 'cos I'm always washing my hands, so I've just given up now!", she said.

Holly has been married to Dan Baldwin for 12 years, and their relationship seems to actually be thriving during lockdown. Gushing about helpful he's been during the pandemic at doing things around the house and keeping the children entertained, she said, "Right now I have never loved that man more, let me tell you.

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"I think you just have to pick your battles don't you? That's what you have to do. I think if something's not done in the way you'd like it to be done at least they're trying. I think that's the important bit there.

"Also, split the jobs. I've said to Dan, 'I'll do the ironing but you've got to go and put it all away.' So I'll leave it all on the stairs and then he'll take it and put it away. He's been amazing! He's just sent me a picture of the bed which he's stripped, he's put in the wash, he's put clean sheets on. Right now I have never loved that man more let me tell you. I mean, you can get some serious brownie points guys let me tell you. This works!"

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She's also addressed having to continue to present the show during these challenging times, saying they were there to 'lift spirits' for those at home.

"Do you know what, I am really looking forward to that moment just to be able to give you a big hug because it's the one thing I think we really need right now", she said.

"But we are here and trying to keep you company and lift spirits for people at home."

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