Kate Garraway admits devastation over still not being able to see husband Derek Draper

Kate Garraway
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Kate Garraway has admitted her devastation over still not being able to see her husband Derek Draper.

Kate Garraway has revealed her devastation over not being allowed to see her husband Derek as he continues to battle Covid-19 (opens in new tab).

The Good Morning Britain (opens in new tab) star told viewers she hasn't been able to see her beloved husband for two months amid his year-long hospitalisation.

Speaking to former boxer, Frank Bruno on the show, who told her to send his regards to Derek the next time she see's him, Kate admitted, "I will do, unfortunately, I'm not allowed to. Haven't for two months. But I will try to pass that message on. That's very kind."

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Derek, with whom Kate has children Darcey, 14, and Billy (opens in new tab) 11, is still in hospital amid his ongoing battle with the deadly disease.

In September, Derek, 53, became the longest patient battling coronavirus in hospital in the UK, as doctors told Kate his infection was the 'highest they had seen in a patient who had lived.'

After Kate told Frank her news of being unable to see him at the moment, he responded: "Sorry. Please do [pass on] from my heart. No problem", in an emotional display of support.

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Kate revealed early new year that she noticed a heartbreaking change in Derek after visiting him over the Christmas period (opens in new tab). But nevertheless, she has kept fans and ITV viewers updated with his progress. Just last month she revealed Derek's future remained incredibly uncertain. (opens in new tab)

She has a book coming out next month which she is writing about Derek's covid battle (opens in new tab) in order to help others.

Speaking about the tougher lockdown restrictions, as England was placed in a third national lockdown, Kate said it has impacted her ability to visit Derek.

At the time she explained, Yeah, we’re into lockdown, no visits at all, which I hope doesn’t continue for the whole of lockdown because I think that will be very impactful.”