Kate Garraway shares heartbreaking fears for teenage daughter Darcey

Kate Garraway has shared her heartbreaking fears for her teenage daughter Darcey's safety during a conversation about the recent Sarah Everard case.

Kate, who is mother to Darcey, 15, and son Billy, 11, spoke on Good Morning Britain about the sad conversations she feels she has to have as a mum of a young woman, in a world where female safety is an issue.

The disappearance and murder of Sarah, who was last seen in London's Clapham last week, has sparked fury among women across Britain.

"I found myself as a parent having sort of confused conversations with myself... with my teenage daughter," Kate said on the topic.

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"About dressing appropriately and things like that. And she, being a very 2021 teenager, is like 'why should I not dress like this? It's nothing to do with me.' And then I find myself saying, 'I'm trying to keep you safe!'

"It's almost like my generation has an assumption that we have a responsibility to dress in a certain way. And it's wonderful maybe, that this generation will be able to throw that off," Kate, who recently shared her support after Piers Morgan's GMB exit, added.

"I think you always do as a woman. You're alone on a platform or you're on the underground, and there's a man there. It goes through your mind."

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The past year has been incredibly tough for Kate, Darcey and Billy. Kate's husband and the children's father, Derek, was admitted to hospital almost a year ago after contracting coronavirus.

Derek remains in intensive care, facing the huge impact the virus has had on his body.

At the start of this year, Kate admitted that Derek's future remains 'incredibly uncertain'.

It was recently confirmed that Kate is to host an ITV special about Derek's ongoing health battle, called Finding Derek.

The documentary is set to offer viewers an ‘intimate insight and unflinching account’ of Derek's devastating situation.

"As Kate lays bare in the film, her family, along with many others who have suffered the effects of the virus, is now facing the reality of adjusting to a very different way of life to the one they lived before the pandemic hit," ITV said in a statement.

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