Where is Anna Delvey now and is she still in prison?

Anna Sorokin, Where is Anna Delvey now and is she still in prison?
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Another Netflix drama miniseries that has gripped the nation is Inventing Anna and viewers are keen to know where is Anna Delvey now and is she still in prison?

Fans of The Tinder Swindler and Worst Roommate Ever will be keen to watch another scam-style series on the popular streaming channel and Inventing Anna follows the story of a journalist investigating the case of Anna Delvey - an Instagram-legendary heiress who goes by the real name Anna Sorokin, who stole the hearts and money of New York elites by posing as a rich heiress under the surname Delvey.

The true story follows what happened to the twenty-something socialite who was convicted of fraud and grand larceny after she conned friends and big banks out of hundreds and thousands of dollars with her scams. And just like people have been asking is Shakira in jail, many want to know the same of Anna Delvey and where she is now...

Where is Anna Delvey now?

Anna Delvey - real name Anna Sorokin - is still being held in Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) custody in upstate New York. She has spend the last year in the ICE detention, where she is fighting deportation to Germany. It was claimed earlier this week that Anna was put on a flight to Frankfurt and deported to Germany on Monday (14th March) but her attorney Manny Arora clarified on Tuesday (March 15th) that she has filed an appeal to delay her deportation and is still in detention in New York.

Anna, now 31, was arrested in 2017 after bilking banks and failing to pay hefty Manhattan hotel bills. And in 2019 she was convicted on eight counts and sentenced to four to 12 years in prison.

She was released from prison on good behaviour on 11th February 2021 after serving almost four years of her sentence. But just after six weeks of enjoying her freedom, she was taken back into custody by ICE for overstaying her visa where she awaits resolution to her pending case.

She can still be found on Instagram with the handle @theannadelvey as the con artist’s social media account on the platform has been active since December 2013, when she made her first post from Paris.

Speaking about what was in her cell, she revealed, "My cell is pretty depressing. I have a whole bin of just legal paperwork. I have lots of books — mainly books. And some trail mix to snack on. It is as austere as it can get."

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Is Anna Delvey still in prison?

Anna Delvey has spent the last year in ICE detention, where she is fighting deportation to Germany. The detention centre is an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) custody in upstate New York. An ICE hold or detainer is a legal hold placed on an individual in the custody of a local law enforcement agency or “LEA” placed on them by the LEA through through an agreement with ICE.

Essentially, when someone is arrested, they are generally fingerprinted as part of their processing. She awaits resolution to her pending case.

How did Anna Delvey get caught?

Anna Delvey, real name Anna Sorokin, got caught in 2017 after bilking banks and failing to pay hefty Manhattan hotel bills.

Prior to being arrested she lived for several years in the 2010s as Anna Delvey, a wealthy German heiress of her own invention, convincing members of Manhattan's elite to finance her fine dining and travel.

You can watch the trailer for the Netflix show which is based on her story, below...


Is Anna Delvey sorry for her crimes?

Anna Delvey said she feels sorry for her actions. She explained, "I feel sorry for the way my case is being perceived," following her release, when asked by New York Times Journalist Emily Palmer. And I feel sorry that I resorted to these actions that people think I’m glorifying now.

"I feel sorry for the choices I’ve made. Definitely, I don’t feel like the world would be a better place if people were just trying to be more like me."

What is Anna Delvey working on now?

Anna Delvey has revealed she is working on sharing more of her story through a documentary, book and podcast.

She told The New York Times, "There is definitely a lot more to my story that I’d like to share. With that in mind, I’m working on multiple projects. I’m working on a documentary project with Bunim Murray Productions in Los Angeles. I’m also working on a book about my time in jail and working on a podcast as well.

She added, "I’m not trying to encourage people to commit crimes. I’m just trying to shed light on how I made the best out of my situation, without trying to glorify it. This is what I’m creating out of that story."

You can listen to Anna Delvey's interview on the Call Her Daddy podcast which is available to stream on Spotify. Host Alexandra Cooper takes part in a video interview with Anna from her ICE detention centre and she asks her some of the questions that you really want to know.

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Inventing Anna is available to stream on Netflix. Or if you're looking for a new crime drama check out the Lincoln Lawyer on Netflix.

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