Worst Roommate Ever on Netflix: What it's about and is it a true story?

Worst Roommate Ever Netflix, all you need to know
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Netflix fans are wondering what Worst Roommate Ever on Netflix is so we look at all you need to know about the new docu-series that's set to shoot to the top of the chart.

For fans of Tinder Swindler and for those gripped by Inventing Anna who were left wondering where Anna Delvey is now are expected to be fascinated with this latest crime offering from the Netflix streaming service which is raising its prices.

Blumhouse Television has put together four harrowing tales of seemingly harmless roommates turning into real-life nightmares for their unsuspecting victims.

And the show which, has just been released is already making waves, as we look at all you need to know...

Worst Roommate Ever on Netflix - what's it about?

Worst Roomate Ever on Netflix is a series of terrifying stories of violent con artists and stone-cold killers that unveil some of the worst cohabitation experiences one could ever imagine.

The viewers are taken into the scary world of what it can be like to room share worst case scenario, when these malevolent and sometimes violent intentions are revealed.

One case looks at the live of Dorothea Puente, a serial killer who drugged helpless, disabled, and elderly tenants who cashed their social security checks and buried them afterward.

There is also the case of K.C Joy, who murdered Maribel Ramos, with whom she shared an apartment.

Meanwhile Youssef Khater, a con artist, duped his tenants of a huge amount of money and later started attacking them.

And lastly, Jamison Bachman, who murdered his brother.

Who is the cast of Worst Roommate Ever?

The cast of Worst Roomate Ever is Dorothy Punete, K.C Joy, Youssef Khater and Jamison Bachman - these are the names of all the  problematic roommates featured in the episodes.

Viewers will hear from other people who had to live with these worst roommates but they are considered the main cast as the stories are centred on them.

The series will hear the activities of the perpetrators and the experiences of the victims revealed through recordings and personal interviews with the victims.

An animation will feature alongside their accounts to illustrate the ghastly behaviour.

Worst Roommate Ever Netflix

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Worst Roommate Ever Netflix episodes

Worst Roommate Ever features five episodes in series one of the docuseries;

  1. Call me Grandma - A woman known as Dorothy Punete runs a boarding house for those less fortunate, but her seeming benevolence belies motives that are much darker.
  2. Be Careful of the Quiet Ones - When College student Maribel Ramos goes missing, detectives turn their focus to her roommate K. C Joy - the last person to see her alive.
  3. Marathon Man - Charismatic athlete Youssef Khater commits fraud across several countries - a series of schemes culminating in violent attacks on multiple people.
  4. Roommate Wanted (part 1) -Former roommate of "serial squatter" Jamison Bachman discuss how this dark, dangerous man conned his way into their homes and then refused to leave.
  5. Roommate Wanted (part 2) - Bachman's old rooommates recount the steps they took to try to force him from their homes, his harsh retaliations and the painful saga's tragic end.


Is Worst Roommate Ever Netflix a real story?

Worst Roommate Ever is a real story. The unsettling true stories chronicle the masked menace that can be lurking right down the hall when four people share their real-life tales of roommates going wrong. And without spoiling it, viewers will find out what happened to them.

You can stream Worst Roomate Ever now on Netflix and if you're looking for a new show try The Fallout or Lincoln Lawyer also on Netflix.

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