Where is Jeremy Vine and why isn’t he on his Channel 5 show?

Jeremy Vine, where is Jeremy Vine?
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Channel 5 viewers are wondering where is Jeremy Vine and why isn't he on his Channel 5 show? after the presenter was notably missing from screens.

Jeremy is a regular host on The Jeremy Vine Show which airs weekdays on Channel 5 between 9.15am and 12.15pm and also presents a lunchtime show on BBC Radio 2 but the star is unexpectedly missing from screens this morning (Monday 4th April).

It's not the only show that has prompted viewers to ask about their favourite hosts. Fans have asked where is Zoe Ball today? And others have previously wondered where is Lorraine Kelly today? and why isn't Dr Hilary Jones on GMB? after they spotted their beloved hosts weren't on their regular shows.

So as Jeremy Vine fans wonder where he is, we look at why he's missing from his shows...

Where is Jeremy Vine?

Jeremy Vine is not on his show today as the show has been unable to get on air for the start time of 9.15am due to a power cut at the ITN television studios. He tweeted fans to let them know what was happening, and uploaded a snap of his current view and captioned it, "Power cut @ITNProductions so we are all in reception. Here's hoping @JeremyVineOn5 is with you at 0915."

The show appeared to be replaced by a short traffic cop style show and then a motorhome show called Million Pound Motorhomes which aired at around 9.40am.

Channel 5 simply announced before the broadcast, "Now a change to our advertised schedule" without giving an explanation as to why the Jeremy Vine show wasn't airing.

Jeremy was previously missing from his show as he was recovering from a bike accident after he revealed he was knocked out when he fell from his Penny Farthing bicycle.

He took to Twitter to explain to his fans what had happened and how he was feeling. He uploaded a video clip, in which he said, "All is well, I've been in the wars a little bit as my mum would always say. Look at the black eye there and broke my glasses because I came off my penny farthing and I know, the thing is when you're on it you're eight foot up and I was basically on grass and no one around and I think this is what happened..."

He went on to explain what happened using a cartoon graphic, he said, "I didn't see the divot, front wheel into it, over the handlebars, landed on my head and crowd gathered. Luckily I have got spare glasses.

"When I went to A&E they said you're fine, you're lucky, and they said we've never written this on the form before."

The clip showed his discharge paperwork which read, "Head Injury, was riding a penny farthing and thinks he hit a patch of mud on the grass, came down and was knocked out."

Why isn't Jeremy Vine on his Channel 5 show?

Jeremy Vine isn't on his Channel 5 show because there has been a power cut at the ITV studios where Jeremy Vine show is filmed. It is not yet clear how long the power cut will last or whether the show will return to screens once power restored, but in the meantime, producers are airing pre-recorded shows including Caught On Camera and Million Pound Motorhomes.

The Jeremy Vine show normally airs from 9.15am to 12.15pm so it could return later this morning.

And fans are wondering what's going on.

One tweeted, "I'm gutted; not getting my jeremy/storm fix this morning! Causing a slight heart attack , when that police camera action was on?! I panicked that I then had work shortly . Hurry back guys."

Meanwhile another fan joked, "Energy prices affecting us all "

It's not the first time Jeremy has been missing from screens, he was previously on a week-long holiday and was also recovering from a black eye following his bike accident.

Who is standing in for Jeremy Vine on Channel 5?

No one is standing in for Jeremy Vine on Channel 5 as the whole show cannot air until power at ITV Productions is restored.

The Jeremy Vine Show is on Channel 5 weekdays from 9.15am to 12.15pm.

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