Gigi Hadid shared some ‘life-changing’ advice to help get your crying baby to sleep

"That advice changed my life!"

Gigi Hadid
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Model Gigi Hadid has shared some 'life-changing' parenting advice that will help you get your crying baby to sleep with little effort and maximum reward.

Gigi Hadid welcomed her first child with now-ex Zayn Malik of One Direction fame back in 2020. The couple have since been co-parenting their daughter, Khai Hadid Malik, and Gigi is keen to share the tips and tricks she relies on when look after the two-year-old. 

During a recent appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show, which Gigi appeared on alongside Tan France to promote the pair's new Netflix show Next in Fashion, Tan, who recently became a father to son Ismail, shared how the model's advice has helped him as his husband Rob France during nap time

Tan revealed, "I learned so much about being a parent from G." He turned to his friend and asked, "Did I not text you a thousand times, like, 'What would you do in this situation? I can't get my baby to stop crying. How do we do this?'"

Gigi Hadid

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The Queer Eye cast member told Gigi, "You gave pretty good advice," before revealing the 'life-changing' trick Gigi told him. He shared, "I was holding him eight hours a day for his naps, and Gigi was like, 'I'm gonna give you a tip, this is how you ease out of it.'

 "She was like, 'Put him in the stroller, he can still see you, and walk around your island in your house, and then just put the stroller there and just kind of walk away and sit there. He can still see you and then he'll gradually fall asleep.'

 "That advice changed my life," he laughed.

 The insight into Gigi's life as a parent is rare as the model has been fiercely protective of her daughter's privacy ever since her birth. However, she has offered up a few bits of information about how she's finding motherhood and dealing with co-parenting. 

Speaking to The Sunday Times earlier this year, Gigi revealed that she is ‘so glad’ she is a 'young mum', sharing that it was a 'blessing' to have her daughter 'Khai at the time that' she did.

Speaking candidly about her daughter, she said, "She has already given me so much. I always wanted to be a mum, but I was never obsessive about it or [thought that] I was put on this Earth to be a mum."

As to her and ex Zayn's co-parenting arrangement, the mum's focus is on her 'child's happiness' above all else. Speaking about her relationship with Khai's dad, she told The Sunday Times, "You have a long life alongside this person. That she can be with both parents makes me very happy."

More recently, Gigi took to Instagram to celebrate Mother's Day and share the troubles she appears to be having when getting her daughter to eat proper meals. She shared a selection of photos showing off Khai's food alongside the caption, "I [heart] MOM LIFE ! Respect and love to all the mamas out there & hope u had the best day being celebrated yesterday.

"What a gift & roller coaster it is to raise a lil human. Mine is the greatest joy and love of my life! Any1 else realise there’s a lot of these pics in their camera roll, or just me ….? If they’re eating, we’re winning !!!!! Proud of u, parents!!"

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