Is Fatal Seduction the same as Dark Desire? Viewers of the steamy Netflix drama want to know

Are both shows adapted from the same story?

Is Fatal Seduction the same as Dark Desire as illustrated by Thapelo Mokoena and Kgomotso Christopher in Fatal Seduction
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Is Fatal Seduction the same as Dark Desire? Fans of Netflix's latest steamy drama are finding the story enjoyable, but somewhat familiar.

From Fake Profile to Burning Betrayal, viewers can't get enough of steamy dramas. You tune in to them, and Netflix will provide - viewers of the latest erotic offering from the streamer has everyone talking. When Nandi and best friend Brenda head off for a weekend away in Fatal Seduction, she's glad for some breathing space away from her husband. Finding a suspicious text on his phone from his new assistant, has compounded existing marital problems. When she meets the much younger Jacob, Nandi throws caution to the wind and they give in to their instant physical connection. Returning home without her best friend, tragic news later reaches Nandi, and her life is turned upside down.

Some viewers making their way through the available episodes have been asking a similar question. In the same way they wondered if Obsession is a remake of Damage, fans are asking if Fatal Seduction is the same as another Netflix show, Dark Desire. Read on to find out.

Is Fatal Seduction the same as Dark Desire?

Yes, Fatal Seduction is a remake of Dark Desire by Nayura Aragón Herranz and Leticia López Margalli.

Dark Desire was a Mexican steamy thriller that premiered on Netflix on July 15, 2020. A second and final season premiered on February 2, 2022 - season 1 became the most watched non-English title on Netflix on its release. Neither Netflix or the show's writers have given a reason why the show was remade so quickly after the original aired, but the popularity of Dark Desire is likely to have been an instigator in the decision. 

Some fans on social media were confused that they appeared to be watching the same show, just with a different cast and a new setting. One wrote on Twitter "I’m on the 2nd episode of Fatal Seduction and I think that's as far as I’ll go, this is exactly like Dark Desire. I’m so disappointed. There was a weekend away and the married friend met a boy who happened to be her student. The friend was killed." 

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Another added "But how can you follow a script of a movie, same words, same names like there is nothing different from Fatal seduction and Dark Desire. I want producers of Dark Desire to sue them, like this is unfair." Another quickly quipped "I'm on episode 2 of Fatal Seduction and everything looked familiar to Dark Desire!! Somebody explain this to me?" 

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Where is Fatal Seduction based?

Fatal Seduction is based in South Africa, where it was also filmed - most of the shoots took place in Cape Town.

Speaking to GQ, Vuyo actress Nat Ramabulana spoke about starring in something that would be possibly controversial to South African viewers. He said the script "Outlined an R-rated drama series set in South Africa, with a seductive theme, and it would be the country's first of its kind on Netflix. I was overjoyed by the opportunity and immediately shared the news with my wife. From that point on, I dedicated myself to thorough preparation."

He continued "I attended multiple rounds of auditions, experimenting with different approaches and techniques. I experienced moments of anxiety, but the producers reassured me, reminding me that it was normal. Finally, I had the privilege of being on set in Cape Town for a period of five months, working alongside incredibly talented actors. For me, everything about the experience was exhilarating. I wholeheartedly immersed myself in the challenge, tried to embrace the whole challenge and enjoy the most I can."

Fatal Seduction: Cast

  • Kgomotso Christopher (Isidingo, Scandal) as Nandi Mahlati
  • Thapelo Mokoena (Pulse, Wild At Heart) as Leonard Mahlati
  • Prince Grootboom as Jacob Tau
  • Nat Ramabulana (Blood Diamond, The Good Lie) as Vuyo Mahlati
  • Ngelekanyo Ramulondi (Noughts + Crosses, Generations: The Legacy) as Zinhle Mahlati
  • Lunathi Mampofu (Shadow, Mercy) as Brenda Grootboom
  • Frances Sholto-Douglas (The Kissing Booth, Black Mirror) as Laura Goldman
  • Rizelle Januk (Eraser: Reborn, Around The World In 80 Days) as Ameera Naidoo

In a GQ interview, Thapelo Mokoena spoke about the impact of performing so many sex scenes and overcoming a fear of water. He said "The hardest thing playing this man was having to be comfortable not having clothes on, and learning how to be comfortable in my body. We had a great support system that helped us get there."

"And secondly, are my issues with water and swimming, which I’m dealing with right now in my personal life. I am in the middle of fixing that trauma with water. There are two scenes, one major one was the biggest test for me. And I couldn't tell anyone on set what I was going through, but I knew it had to be done. They moved the scene three times, until eventually it had to be made. The day it was made, I thanked God, I was so grateful. It was inner tears, but I did it."

Kgomotso Christopher in Fatal Seduction

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Fatal Seduction: Reviews

Both critics and audiences appear to have mixed reviews about the series, and either love it or hate it - apart from the ones confused about the remake aspect and whom perhaps are a little angry.

Common Sense Media said "This guilty pleasure offers lots of voyeuristic moments as characters explore and satisfy their sexual desires while trying to cope with the other aspects of their lives. The well-paced narrative of Fatal Seduction features universal themes like love, infidelity, and revenge, but presents them in a decidedly South African context. It also creates a sense of fantasy thanks to the array of luxury cars, fancy houses, and gorgeous landscapes showcased throughout. Outside of these soap opera-like qualities, it also offers a strong, three-dimensional lead character who's worth investing in. Overall, Fatal Seduction is a fun, steamy, adult-oriented series that viewers may easily find themselves binge watching.

Digital Mafia Talkies added "Good enough for a mindless watch, maybe as some white noise while you do some other work. There are only a few minutes where you really need to pay attention, and the rest of it can be on autopilot. We would recommend this series for such a watch, and we have yet to see whether the remainder of the story makes us change our opinion." 

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