Where is Obsession filmed? Locations of the steamy Netflix drama

Cast and crew filmed in some dreamy locations

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As Netflix viewers get ready to binge the adulterous drama, people want to know where Obsession is filmed...

Sex, deceit and drama is the premise of new Netflix series Obsession. The show follows the story of a respected Surgeon who begins an affair with his son's fiancée, leading to consequences that promises to change their lives forever. It stars Happy Valley's Charlie Murphy and actor Richard Armitage, who has starred in a number of Harlan Coben shows - including the upcoming Fool Me Once Netflix series.

Aside from interest in the Obsession cast, the Obsession ending and whether Obsession is based on a true story or not, many have questions about the glossy locations that aid the action in the series. We've shared everything you need to about where Obsession was filmed and when.

Where is Obsession filmed?

Netflix show Obsession was predominantly filmed in London. Scenes were shot on location in the capital and at Twickenham Film Studios. The cast and crew also travelled to France for filming.

The flat where Anna and William have their affair was actually a set that was constructed at the studios in Twickenham. Production decided on a set over a real  life flat, to give the actors more privacy during intimate scenes.

Obsession star Richard Armitage told The Express: "It was a decision by [producer] Gina Carter and our producers and directors to actually build something they had control over - it made the whole thing more of a cocoon. Because it would have been difficult to shoot that in a location with neighbours popping their heads in."

In an interview with The Irish Independent, Charlie Murphy admitted to owning some of the items that appear in the flat. She shared how Richard had gifted Charlie the Italian chandelier after filming: "I had told him I loved it and when filming finished, he gave it to me.”

Another momento Murphy kept from the London flat was a piece of art specially commissioned by the directors, which reminded her of her character Anna.

"I said she felt to me like ink in the landscape, a person with the ability to blemish and leave an impression on everything she touched. It was a beautiful collaboration for them to have gone to so much trouble to recall that conversation," said Murphy. 

The directors gifted the picture to her post-filming and it now hangs on Murphy's wall at home. "I’ll never look at it without remembering Anna," she said.

After filming key scenes in London, Obsession filming continued in France - first in Paris and then in the city of Marseille. Cast and crew ventured to France to film Anna and William's romantic weekend away to Paris.

Richard Armitage shared an Instagram post marking the end of filming in Marseille in May 2022. "Au revoir Marseille. I hope to see you again. That’s a picture wrap on Damage. It’s been a wonderful experience with an incredible cast and crew," read the caption.

It's understood that the series was known as Damage during filming - like the book it's based on - but the title later changed to Obsession.

When was Obsession filmed?

According to show star Richard Armitage, filming for Obsession began in March 2022. The actor shared a photo of himself with his fellow cast members on March 17, calling them his "amazing and talented new mates".

Richard is joined by Charlie Murphy, Indira Varma and Rish Shah in the photo, with trailers seen in the background.

In another Instagram post, Richard confirmed that filming had wrapped in the UK on May 13, 2022. The cast and crew then headed over to France to film "the final leg".

Filming in France began in Paris, two days later, Richard and co headed off to Marseille to film scenes for the holiday there. Filming for Obsession ended officially on May 22, 2022. Commemorating the end of filming, actress Charlie Murphy shared a post of appreciation for her on-screen partner Richard Armitage

"AND THATS A WRAP! 👏🏻 🥂 Magic hour with the most magic man. @richardcarmitage you are beyond beyond. We definitely did some #DAMAGE #A&W 🖤🌹 🫒 What a love gig, what a gang!" the caption read.

How many episodes of Obsession on Netflix?

There are four episodes of Obsession to watch. All episodes were released on Netflix on March 13 and are available to stream now.

Obsession has been billed as a "limited series" so it's thought that there won't be a second series. With the series being based on a book - and there being no sequel, it also suggests that a follow up series is unlikely.

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