Is Martin Lewis married and does he have kids? All you need to know about the Money Saving Expert

Viewers have been wondering if the financial guru has a spouse or children

Martin Lewis and his wife Lara Lewington with his CBE award
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The Martin Lewis Money Show: Live viewers have been wondering if Martin Lewis is married and whether he has children.

The financial guru and broadcaster, who presents the ITV programme with Angellica Bell, has built a career telling people how to save money ranging from advice on using your phone abroad to how to cut back on spending at airports and the truth behind cheaper fuel.

The consumer champion first rose to fame giving financial tips on Channel 5 show Open House with Gloria Hunniford. He was also a business and personal finance reporter on BBC One's Breakfast News before setting up the hugely successful in 2003. 

He sold the website to for a reported £87 million in 2012, and is still its executive chair. He launched The Martin Lewis Money Show in 2012 and is the resident money expert on ITV's This Morning.

While Martin is always sharing great deals and financial tips he rarely discusses his family life. But viewers are still keen to know is Martin Lewis married and does he have kids?

Is Martin Lewis married?

Yes, Martin Lewis is married to TV presenter Lara Lewington, who hosts BBC's technology programme Click. The 51-year-old's wife, 44, used to be the Channel 5 news weather presenter, from 2003 to 2009. The pair got married on May 31, 2009 and three years before they wed, Lara could be seen presenting the weather on a background monitor in the Daily Planet newsroom in the 2006 film Superman Returns. She also appeared in British comedy feature film Shouting Men (2010) and BBC2's Happiness.

The couple live in London.

Does Martin Lewis have kids?

Yes, Martin Lewis has one child, a ten-year-old daughter called Sapphire with his wife Lara. She was born in November 2012, but the couple rarely talk about her in public or share photos of her on Instagram. In a rare interview with The Sunday Times back in 2020, the money expert confessed that he finds it really hard to say no to his only child because he just wants to "make her happy".

"When my daughter was born, I remember saying: 'I'll buy her everything she needs, but not everything she wants'. Unfortunately, I didn't factor in her special power. Those eyes," he told The Sunday Times.

"I'm helpless and usually resort to saying, 'Ask mummy', because mummy is stronger than me. We don't splurge on her, but one of my greatest joys is making her happy."

Where is Martin Lewis from?

According to his biography on, Lewis was born in Manchester in 1972 and he grew up in a house in the region of Cheshire's Delamere Forest. He lives in London with his wife Lara and daughter Sapphire.

Lewis tragically lost his mother in a car accident when he was young, and later became a patron of children’s bereavement charity Grief Encounter.

He studied Government and Law at the London School of Economics, before moving on to study broadcast journalism at Cardiff University. After graduating, he worked as a producer for BBC Radio Five Live, before appearing on various TV shows as a money expert.

Martin Lewis and Queen Camilla at ITV studios

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What is Martin Lewis famous for?

Lewis is best known as the Money Saving Expert (MSE) and he founded the consumer website of the same name back in 2003. He is still its executive chair and oversees site content including the hugely popular MSE weekly newsletter.

In 2012 The Martin Lewis Money Show hit our screens and in 2022, BBC's The Martin Lewis Podcast was launched.

Lewis founded the influential Money and Mental Health Policy Institute charity in 2016. He has also spearheaded major financial justice campaigns, including reclaiming bank charges and PPI (helping consumers get over £10 billion back on those two alone, according to his bio on

In 2022, Lewis was named in the New Year Honours List, receiving a CBE for his services to broadcasting and consumer rights. He first received an OBE back in 2014.

What is Martin Lewis's salary?

The Sunday Times Rich List put Martin Lewis's net worth at a staggering £123 million in 2021. Much of his money is attributed to the 2012 sale of - a deal estimated to have made him £87 million. As part of the deal, it’s believed that Martin initially received £35 million, plus shares in the website worth an additional £25 million.

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