MAFS Australia cast 2024: Meet the season 11 brides and grooms

Married at First Sight Australia has returned - here's who'll be walking down the aisle...

MAFS Australia 2024 cast members Tori and Jack at their wedding ceremony
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Married at First Sight Australia is back! Here's everything we know about the MAFS 2024 cast...

For those who have been waiting for MAFS Australia 2024 to start, the time is finally here as the favourite reality matchmaking show is due to air in the UK any day now. A new set of hopeful brides and grooms will be hoping to find their perfect match with the help of relationship experts John Aiken, Mel Shillings and Alessandra Rampolla. There's just one small catch: they have to marry their match before they meet them.

Season 11 is already underway Down Under, but before the drama, dinner parties and couple swapping arrive on UK screens, let's take a look at the MAFS Australia cast for 2024...

MAFS Australia 2024 cast


A post shared by Andrea

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Age: 51

From: Queensland

Occupation: Photographer

Andrea may be the oldest bride to appear on the series, but she's young at heart. She has two adult children, and ended her most recent relationship after realising she was being gaslit, a term she learnt while watching MAFS.


A post shared by Richard

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Age: 62

From: New South Wales

Occupation: Motivational Speaker

Father-of-three Richard left his wife of 27 years because the relationship had run its course and the spark was no longer there, but has struggled to meet a woman his own age who fits his criteria since.


A post shared by Cassandra

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Age: 29

From: Queensland

Occupation: Administration Officer

Cassandra experienced the devastating loss of her first love and has struggled to find a connection since. She yearns to meet someone equally as family-oriented and loving as she is to build a life and raise a "small football team" of kids together.


A post shared by Tristan

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Age: 30

From: New South Wales

Occupation: Event Manager

Tristan was raised by a single mum who worked around the clock to provide for his family, who he refers to her as his hero, queen, and biggest supporter. His previous relationship ended badly and it has made him nervous to date again, but he's ready to give romance another chance.


A post shared by Ellie

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Age: 32

From: Queensland

Occupation: Registered Nurse

One of three sisters, Ellie is incredibly close to her family and ready to start a family of her own. She was left heartbroken after her ex-fiancé cheated on her several years ago, resulting in the cancellation of her wedding a month before the big day. Now, she's looking to find someone special to share her white picket fence ideals.


A post shared by Ben

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Age: 39

From: New South Wales

Occupation: Tour Guide

Ben's last serious relationship ended in 2019 and he finds dating exhausting. He's extremely picky and admits to sometimes having unrealistic expectations, but he's ready to find 'the one'.


A post shared by Eden

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Age: 28

From: Queensland

Occupation: Recruitment Manager

Eden has been single for three years since her previous relationship ended because her partner cheated with her best friend. Since the betrayal, losing her partner and her lifelong best friend in one fell swoop, Eden admits her trust issues run extremely deep - but she's hoping the experts have found her the perfect match.


A post shared by Jayden

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Age: 26

From: Queensland

Occupation: Professional Kickboxer

Jayden is actually related to a previous cast member - Mitch Eynaud from season nine. But he says he's nothing like his brother and, although he gets a lot of attention from women, he's yet to find 'the one'.


A post shared by Jade

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Age: 26

From: Queensland

Occupation: Executive Assistant

Jade is a single mum with an 8-year-old daughter, and is cautious of who she lets into their world, admitting she can come off as reserved and cold at first meeting. Having grown up in South Africa before relocating to Australia, Jade has seen plenty of arranged marriages work successfully and believes the MAFS experience may foster a similar result for her.


A post shared by Ridge

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Age: 27

From: NSW

Occupation: Psychiatric Nurse

Despite his playboy persona, Ridge idolises his parents' loving marriage and says he's finally ready to commit to the right woman, having previously put his career and intense fitness regime as a two-time Commonwealth Games weightlifter above everything else.


A post shared by Lauren

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Age: 32

From: Western Australia

Occupation: PR and Marketing Consultant

Lauren's parents have been married for 40 years, and her family has set a high standard for what a successful relationship looks like. Lauren has been single for six months after yet another relationship breakdown, and is looking for someone who can match her level of sarcasm, wit and banter.


A post shared by Jonathan

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Age: 39

From: New South Wales

Occupation: Health Business Owner

Jonathan is eager to become a father and is hoping to meet someone as equally motivated and put together as he is. He puts his bad relationship luck down to being with amazing women who he should have married in his 20s, but now he's ready to commit the right woman.


A post shared by Lucinda

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Age: 43

From: New South Wales

Occupation: MC and Wedding Celebrant

Lucinda is a free spirit and - having run a speed-dating company and worked as a marriage celebrant - she's decided it's her turn to walk down the aisle and find a partner to share her life with.


A post shared by Timothy

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Age: 51

From: Victoria

Occupation: Business Owner

After recently losing his father, Timothy realised that he is lonely and craves the support, love and emotional connection of a partner. His last relations ended six years ago, and now he's searching for a genuinely good person, with a flexible, fun nature who he can take care of.


A post shared by Madeleine

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Age: 30

From: Victoria

Occupation: Psychic Medium

After undertaking a radical career change to become a medium, Madeleine also stepped away from her 9-year relationship realising she needed a man in her life, not a boy. She admits her profession has kept her isolated, and now she is looking for someone kind, loyal and who will love and accept her just as she is.


A post shared by Ash

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Age: 33

From: Victoria

Occupation: Sales Manager

Ash's previous relationship ended 8 years ago, and he has not been in love since. He has a habit of choosing women who live overseas, and maintaining a long-distance partnership always get the better of him. He want a relationship that will last, and is tired of attracting women who walk all over him.


A post shared by Michael

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Age: 34

From: Victoria

Occupation: Salesperson

Michael struggles to let his walls down in relationships, but after being single for five years, he is sick of the dating scene and ready to settle down, with high hopes of becoming a father and raising a family of his own.


A post shared by Stephen

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Age: 26

From: Western Australia

Occupation: Hairdresser

Stephen is an identical twin and one of eight children, and comes from a family-orientated, Italian background. His relationships with his mum and stepdad are incredibly important, and he wants to find a love like theirs.


A post shared by Natalie

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Age: 32

From: Victoria

Occupation: Physiotherapist

Self-confessed nerd Natalie is a caring, kind and devoted daughter, who places high priority on her family and goes out of her way to maintain relationships with the people she loves. Her loyalty can bring out her feisty side and she will stand up for anyone being treated unfairly - including herself.


A post shared by Collins

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Age: 28

From: New South Wales

Occupation: Executive Assistant

Collins has next to no dating experience, having had his heart broken by unrequited love once, and familiar with being put in the friendzone. He's looking to finally find his match thanks to the MAFS experts.


A post shared by Sara

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Age: 29

From: New South Wales

Occupation: Nutritionist

She considers herself an independent Latina woman with a big personality, and she's looking for a man who is a confident guy with good conversation, who can match her energy, and it will be an added bonus if he is a light haired 'pretty boy'.


A post shared by Tim

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Age: 31

From: Queensland

Occupation: Online Business Owner

Tim split with his most recent girlfriend after finding out she was unfaithful, and now he tends to keep his walls up when dating, still not fully healed from his past heartbreak. Now, he's looking for a companion who is funny, emotionally stable and a great conversationalist who exudes feminine energy.


A post shared by Tori

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Age: 27

From: Victoria

Occupation: Business Development Manager

Having been raised by strong women, Tori is fiercely independent. She has a lengthy list of attributes for her ideal match, who should be an alpha male who is not intimidated by a strong woman.


A post shared by Jack

A photo posted by jack_dunkley on

Age: 34

From: Queensland

Occupation: Personal Trainer

Self-professed alpha male Jack has a very structured, controlled lifestyle, and is looking for a woman who is glamorous and fit. He likes to put his women on a pedestal, is overly affectionate and a romantic at heart.

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