When will Ginny & Georgia seasons 3 and 4 be out and what are they about?

Ginny & Georgia seasons 3 and 4 are coming!

Ginny & Georgia season 3 and 4
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Netflix has shocked fans as the streaming service just confirmed that not only will their hit show Ginny & Georgia return for a third season, but viewers will also be getting a season four too.

Hopeful speculation over whether the show would be renewed for a third series began mere days after season two's release, with the show rocketing straight to the top of the Netflix top 10 and shocking fans with a twist ending that saw Georgia arrested for murder - on her wedding day!

Taking to Twitter, the show's stars Brianne Howey, who plays Georgia, and Antonia Gentry, who plays Ginny, uploaded a video excitedly announcing the upcoming seasons. "Get ready with me to announce seasons three and four of Ginny & Georgia," Gentry began, while Howey went on to clarify, "That is two more seasons!"

So before we go back and rewatch Ginny and Georgia's season one highlights, here's everything we know about the upcoming seasons three and four of Netflix's Ginny & Georgia.

Ginny & Georgia

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When will Ginny & Georgia seasons 3 and 4 be released? 

There is no confirmed release date for seasons three and four of Netflix's Ginny & Georgia yet, but predictions by eager fans and internet sleuths suggest that Season 3 will arrive in late 2024 at the earliest. 

Filming for Ginny & Georgia will likely be held up by the current and ongoing WGA writers strike. The WGA began their strike on 2 May over the poor standard of pay in the streaming era and there is currently really no way of knowing just how long the strike will last. The previous WGA strike, which took place between 2007 and 2008, lasted three months and eight days and impacted every aspect of the entertainment industry from late night talk shows to big blockbusters movies. Until the WGA come to an agreement with streaming services over pay, filming for seasons three and four of Ginny & Georgia will be on hold.

Ginny & Georgia

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What will Ginny & Georgia season 3 be about?

Raymond Ablack, who plays Joe in Netflix's Ginny & Georgia, promised in the video announcing seasons three and four that there will be "a lot of drama" and "love triangles" in the upcoming seasons. Also in the video, Howey slyly added, "I wonder if Georgia will beat those pesky murder charges?"

The show's creator Sarah Lampert told People that the Miller family will face "new hurdles, new relationships and new challenges" throughout season three "in a way we haven't seen before on the show." 

Before the show was renewed, Lampert spoke to Radio Times about what viewers could expect to see in season three, sharing, "I think it’s this idea that the show is going to look really different in season 3 — if we were to get one — because this was a woman who was a superhero at what she did, and now she’s been caught. It’s almost like Superman got taken down. We’ll see if she can get out of this mess she’s found herself in."

She also revealed her excitement at viewers finally getting to see how Cynthia,  Paul's rival in the mayoral race, reacts to Georgia's arrest after she "purposefully" left her reaction out of the season two finale. She told People,  "I do think that that is something that viewers are really going to want to see. That's something that we'll have to wait and see for season 3."

Ginny & Georgia

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Ginny & Georgia season 3 cast

The season three cast of Ginny & Georgia is likely to stay the same as that in the previous seasons. The Miller family will all be featured, as per teasers for the plot from the show's creator, with Antonia Gentry as Ginny, Brianne Howey as Georgia, and Diesel La Torraca as Austin. 

Raymond Ablack also appeared in the announcement video suggesting he will definitely return as Joe. Fans can also expect to see other main characters including Alex Mallari Jr. as Detective Gabriel Cordova, Sara Waisglass as Maxine, Nathan Miller as Zion, and Felix Mallard as Marcus.

There may even be some new faces as, in a conversation with Deadline earlier this year, the show's creator teased, “In terms of Season 3, all bets are off. Maybe there are new characters, who knows?"

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